IPhone Compatible: Black Friday Smart Vacuum Deals

Nor do you have to worry about its compatibility with iPhone, because it works perfectly and with exactly the same functionalities, so that you can program it from wherever you want, thanks to the fact that the robot vacuum cleaner is always connected to the home WiFi.

Of course, its price will also be a little higher, standing at € 189.99 thanks to the Black Friday offers, being € 299.99 its usual purchase price.

Yeedi Vac Station

This Yeedi stands out for having a large auto dump station that you return to and use when you have a large dirt tank full. It is also capable of vacuuming and scrubbing at the same time thanks to the powerful 3000 Pa vacuum cleaner. After vacuuming, you’ll scrub the floor with water and mopping to make it spotless.

Its autonomy is 200 minutesBut you won’t have to worry if the 200 minutes are exhausted, because it will come back, recharge, and pick up where it left off before running out of battery. Likewise, it will return when its tank is full, and you only have to worry about managing it from your iPhone and choose what time it starts and where it cleans.

Again, remind you that all devices are compatible with Alexa and Google assistants, so you can give it voice commands and make it work. Now it’s on sale for € 349.99, being its original price € 499.99.

Yeedi K650


If what you are interested in is that the robot vacuum cleaner fulfills its basic function and at an unbeatable price, it is almost better that you do not look at any more, because you are going to love it. It is used to vacuum all types of carpets and floors thanks to its brushes with 2000 Pa of suction, and it also scrubs, as well as its silent mode so that you do not even notice its presence when you are working throughout the home.

Its price now, on sale, is € 129.99, when it is originally € 199.99 on Amazon. Offer!

It has two brushes, one multifunctional and the other made of silicone with anti-tangle technology so that you don’t even have to worry about cleaning or detangling it with each cleaning. Store all the dirt in a tank that you will only have to remove, empty and reinsert after each route the robot takes.

To scrub, it consists of a 300 ml water tank, and it is sprinkled while cleaning it with a small mop that is on the opposite side from the brushes, so it is a complete two in one. As if that were not enough, it has an excellent autonomy of 130 minutes thanks to the 2600 mAh battery.

Its application adapted to iOS is a real marvel, as it is very intuitive and completely compatible. From it we can manage absolutely everything: the time we want it to start cleaning, where it does and where we do not want it to clean, send orders … And also by voice, because it is compatible with Alexa and Google assistant.

Yeedi Vac Hybrid


An assault on the mid-range with the vacuum cleaner with 2500 Pa of suction, which scrubs and vacuums at the same time, like the rest, but with a large 5200 mAh battery that will offer you almost three hours of cleaning, or, in the practice, two complete cleanings to your home. This model is capable of returning to the charging base autonomously.

The main difference between this model and the Yeedi 2 Hybrid is that it has a carpet recognition function, so you can get on them and start a different cleaning process, to leave them spotless and remove all the rest of them. In addition, it can be configured with an emptying base.

The price for this difference in battery is around € 209.99 final price after the offer. Its price without offer is € 299.99.

Yeedi Mop Station


Yeedi’s top-of-the-range robot vacuum, the Mop Station. It stands out for, in addition to vacuuming and scrubbing at the same time, for mounting a automatic pressure mop washing and count on auto dump station and recharge, to which it returns automatically, either to empty and continue working when it is full, or to recharge without the need for you to do it.

It even has the milestone of being the first self-cleaning robot vacuum on the European market. It works like this: the mops wash, rinse and dry themselves through one of the clean water tanks it has; the other is dirty water. In such a way that it sprays the mops, rinses and cleans them. And, watch out for this, the tank is 3500 ml. It will also only return to the auto drain station when it has a full tank of dirt or runs out of battery.

Its autonomy is 180 minutes and 5200 mAh battery. You can also handle it from your iPhone mobile without problem. Its price is € 549.99 on sale, € 100 difference compared to its price without offer, € 649.99.

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