iPhone Compatible VR Glasses: The Best Pick

In this case the glasses promise a 360 degree visual experience, interactive and totally immersive that can be enjoyed from the first moment. The glasses are compatible with all mobiles ranging from 4 to 6 inches. Here come the devices of many brands, such as those of Apple itself. It has a advanced VR gaming technologyprepared for video games and also to be able to watch movies with the highest possible quality.

The glasses have large lenses and adjustment buttons for each of them. In this way a wide range of vision and straps are offered to perfectly adjust the device to the personal anatomy. It is available in 3 different colors and has a reduced weight so that it is really comfortable to use on a daily basis.

Other options available

But if you are a person who is not satisfied with the best value glasses on Amazon, you can also find many other options. They also have high ratings and also provide the highest possible quality. Here is a collection of these.



The 3D field of vision of these glasses allows you to visualize any type of environment as if you were really there as a spectator. It balances immersion and viewing quality while providing the best possible 360-degree view. It can be compatible with all Android and iOS phones that are between 4.7 and 6.53 inches in size. The developer recommends simply searching for the word VR in the App Store to start enjoying the experience.

They have stereo headphones equipped to guarantee the best immersive experience. Likewise, others can also be connected via the 3.5 mm jack. Adjustable T-shaped headbands and straps are suitable for a large number of heads. The materials used also allow irritation to not occur with constant use and the weight also helps it not to be annoying at the end of the day.



3D virtual reality glasses that also have headphones to have the best experience with surround sound. Compatible with iPhone and other Android devices up to 6 inches in size. It is especially suitable for use with games and also with movies that are compatible with this type of technology. The manufacturers promise that the content will be displayed as if you had a 320-inch screen 5 meters away.

It is equipped with an adjustable soft headband and faux leather that is pleasant while it is being used. It is promised that there will be no visual fatigue or dizziness if it is correctly adjusted. The lenses are made of resin with HD resolution to avoid visual fatigue, and above all to have an adequate experience while using it to avoid exactly what we have talked about before.



Compatible with all smartphones with screen dimensions between 4 and 6 inches. It has a new design with holes in the front part whose mission is to ventilate the device. This is important, since when using applications of this style, the iPhone is going to heat up instantly. This also adds to a magnetic cover to dissipate all the heat that is being generated.

There is enough space inside the glasses so that it can be worn by any type of person. Likewise, if you have glasses for myopia or for another ailment, you will also be able to use them without any problem. The focal length can be adjusted to get the best distance to match the eyes and get the satisfying experience. Likewise, while you wear them you will not have problems thanks to the high quality materials used.



Learning methods have improved a lot over time. From the typical paper with the pen and the calculator to the use of augmented reality glasses like these that are focused on learning mathematics with games. On the internet this brand has different videos that can be searched in a very simple way to be able to start learning to add mentally or memorize multiplication tables.

The glasses have the possibility of integrating almost any mobile device. Although the importance of checking exactly if your iPhone model is fully compatible through the comments of the virtual store is highlighted. The glasses have the possibility of making an interpupillary adjustment in order to avoid dizziness. It is valid for the eyes of children and also adults.



The sixth generation of these virtual reality glasses. It has a much smaller volume as well as its own weight. They have been overcoming many obstacles to be able to have a very precise adjustment of all the pieces that are included. Eye protection and comfort are offered. The HD resin aspherical lens It has now been improved to reduce the sensation of vertigo, something really common with this type of accessory.

Pupil distance and focus are adjustable so the lenses are positioned where you need them. At the top there is a button to make the adjustment. They promise an ergonomic design thanks to an adjustable T-strap to reduce pressure around the eyes and head. In addition, the cover is ready to be able to dissipate all the heat.


These glasses stand out at first for a really childish design, so it is indicated for the smallest of the house. They also have the right to enjoy this cutting-edge technology when playing games or viewing multimedia content. the cfield of view is 110 degrees so that children can feel like real climbers or like an observer. Likewise, 360-degree videos can also be viewed, of course.

Great comfort is promised when wearing it. HD lenses are protected against blue light and allow everything to be seen with great clarity. Headphones are included to ensure the best possible listening immersion. It is compatible with all Android and iOS devices between 4.7 and 7.2 inches. A controller is included that is focused on the world of video games.

VR Prime

VR Prime

The developers promise to turn your smartphone into real augmented reality glasses. It is compatible with most Android and iOS devices. As a novelty, it integrates a button to control the smartphone and the applications that are open. It’s compatible with Google CardboardApps. The front cover is removable so that the iPhone in use is constantly ventilated.

It can be used with prescription glasses without problem in case you have myopia or another eye disease. It has large adjustable lenses for higher image quality. The head support is adjustable and padded with a soft face for maximum comfort. That is why it is undoubtedly a very competitive device to use in your day to day life if you want to enjoy this experience.


The glasses recommended for those who do not want to spend a lot of money. The design is quite simple, and it seems that they have been literally created with a cardboard box. It allows converting all videos into 3D movies. It is also compatible with all smartphones on the market that have a size included between 4 and 6 inches. Nose and forehead pads are added to make them more comfortable to wear.

It has a suction cup to keep the device stable inside. The double convex lens allows you to adjust the interpupillary distance and the focal length. This makes the display effect better. with the glasses you will have a huge 3D Max screen to watch all the movies you like as if you were in the cinema. In addition, it is also compatible with many of the applications that you will find in the App Store.



With these virtual reality glasses you will be able to live in any world at the time and in the situation you want. This is how it is presented this perfect accessory for your iPhone with the aim of enjoying multimedia content and also video games. It has a multifunction button to answer, reject calls or control video playback. Compatible with devices between 4.7 and 6.53 inches.

The interpupillary distance and the focal length will be fully adjustable thanks to a wheel that is located in the upper central part of the glasses. It has built-in headphones to also have 3D audio with the aim of enjoying an immersive experience. The manufacturers remind you that on YouTube you will be able to enjoy thousands of videos and scenarios compatible with 360º technology.

What we recommend

It has been seen that there are many options on the market to transform the iPhone into virtual reality glasses. In this case we must say that we are left with two of them. The first is the one offered by the brand BNext for the modern design that it integrates and also the functions when adjusting all the parameters to feel comfortable with the use of the glasses. Without a doubt, it is a brand that has a long history on this path, and that offers great technology at a really low price.

Our second recommendation is SPLAKS. Although it does not have the latest design and being at the other end of what we have talked about in this article, it enjoys being simple and having a very low price. Accessible to the vast majority of people who want to enjoy the experience. The lenses are adequate and also allow the perfect adjustment of the interpupillary distance and also of the focus that is set.

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