iPhone SE 3, do we already know when it will be released?

The iPhone SE 2022 comes back to the fore these days. And not because of any leaked news, but because of its possible release date. We remember that in previous weeks there had already been speculation about the possibility that it would be presented at a special Apple event along with other devices around the month of March or April. However, this date does not have to coincide with the launch as such.

Seeing what has happened with the multitude of brand devices in recent years, we can see that there is no common pattern between presentation and launch. Sometimes the sales are opened the same day, other times in later days and in others it is even launched 1-2 months ahead. Therefore, it is still not ruled out that we see the 3rd generation iPhone SE in the aforementioned months, although…

…until May the launch would not take place

Ross Young is a renowned Apple analyst who has successfully forecasted several Apple product launches in recent years. Last week he stated that the iPhone SE will enter factories this February. Knowing that this is a process that does not ensure having units in stock immediately, it is anticipated that until the fifth month of the year there will not be enough units to supply the initial demand.

We remember that the second generation model began to be marketed on April 26, so it was not far from the month of May either and Young’s forecasts do not sound crazy. So, in the absence of official information and knowing that until its presentation we will not know anything, this is the most reliable data we know. So if you are one of the possible interested parties in this terminal, you will still have to wait.

iphone se 2016 and 2020

iPhone SE (1st gen-2016) and iPhone SE (2nd gen-2020)

Review of possible novelties

If there is something interesting about an iPhone launch, it is not so much its launch date, but also the features it will have. From what has been known, this will not be a revolutionary device exactly. And yes, this was already foreseeable because the ‘SE’ range is characterized precisely by its devices. vintage with modern components. However, in this case it seems even more decaffeinated than one can imagine.

To begin with, the design would remain identical to the current model. It is not known if a new color or some other differential element will be added, but the base would continue to have the same 4.7-inch panel with IPS-LCD technology and pronounced frames in which it will house the almost extinct Home button with Touch ID.

Touch ID iPhone 7

To this would be added very similar internal components, but with the addition of a A15 Bionic chip identical to that of the iPhone 13 and 5G modem which would precisely be its great differential element. Although if we take into account the low implementation of this connectivity in many territories, it does not seem like a sufficient sales argument.

The price it could remain the same, starting at 489 euros. Although if there is something that is really claimed, it is a improvement in autonomy. It is known that it is difficult to integrate a larger battery in such a small chassis, but perhaps increasing the thickness slightly and optimizing resources with the A15 chip can be achieved. In any case, these sections remain a mystery right now.

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