iPhone SE 5G: Apple could sell even fewer copies than expected

The iPhone SE should not be a flamboyant success. While the first forecasts were for 30 million sales, the new analyzes are revising this figure downwards, dropping to 24 million. In question, spending on electronics in free fall among users, which could also affect sales of the iPhone 13.

By presenting its iPhone SE 5G last month, Apple didn’t really create the event. If the demand for this type of cheaper smartphone is indeed present among fans of the Apple brand, the craze certainly does not reach the levels of its more classic congeners. Necessarily, at this price, several concessions are to be expectedespecially at the level of autonomy at the level of the daisies.

To make matters worse, lately there has been a downward trend among users on the side electronics expenses, as noted in a report by JP Morgan analyst Samik Chatterjee. Also, the latter is very cautious about the popularity of the new iPhone SE. “As such, we are lowering our earnings forecast for Apple, due to a slight reduction in our revenue growth estimates for iPhone (primarily iPhone SE)”he wrote.

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Apple should have a hard time selling its new iPhone SE

The revaluation of sales estimates is certainly not extraordinary, but it is there. Thus, Samik Chatterjee predicts that Apple will sell 24 million iPhone SE 5G in 2022. This figure was previously 30 million. However, what is more, this decline does not only concern the smartphone, but all of Apple’s business sectors. While the analysis firm estimated the number of iPhones sold by the firm at 250 million by the end of the year, it now expects 245 million.

In addition, the iPhone 13 would not be spared this fading enthusiasm from users, just as much as the App Store. Apple services would thus know lower growth of 15% to 20% over the year 2022, according to the drop in the number of downloads and expenditure on the platform. Nevertheless, Apple “should boost offsets by increasing its market share”assures Samik Chatterjee.

Source: Apple Insider

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