iPhone: this future feature will delight photographers

Apple has just filed a new patent for a feature to simplify the visualization and use of the various sensors of an iPhone. The goal is to give more control to experienced users in the field of photography.

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While Apple has just made an appointment with the press and fans for a new keynote on March 8, 2022, probably dedicated to the iPhone SE 5G, the manufacturer has just filed an unprecedented patent. According to the document, the Apple brand is looking for a way to simplify the visualization and the user of the different photo sensors of an iPhone. The goal is to offer more control to experienced users.

For now, the iPhone is responsible for juggling between sensors (macro, wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle, etc.) as needed, provided you use it in Automatic mode. If like many users you are content with this mode, you rarely wonder which sensor is used at a specific moment, as long as the rendering remains satisfactory.

Apple wants to offer more options to experienced iPhone photographers

However, Apple would like to integrate with this patent “a multi-sensor digital viewfinder user interface”. In short, this technology aims to present the user with all the options offered by all of the lenses of the iPhone. This will not only provide better control over the composition of an image, but also improve its quality. Indeed, it will allow you to see in preview mode the rendering of a photo with each sensor before taking it.

With this patent, the Apple brand assumes that the iPhone lacked a simple way for the user to “leverage the benefits of multiple on-board cameras without placing an excessive cognitive load on it.” Thanks to this system, the photographer will be able to consult the possible options via the different sensors. In addition, this patent mentions another feature: the possibility of displaying the images taken by two different sensors in real time in Preview mode.

The screen could present a distinct and independent image of each lens, offering by extension more control before the final shooting. This patent application has been credited to six engineers from the manufacturer, already known to have filed several patents related to the photo capabilities and aiming systems of the iPhone. As a reminder, Apple would also be working on a foldable iPad convertible into a MacBook.

Source: AppleInsider

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