IPhone X or XS user? These covers will protect you well

Aspects that you should take into account

There are several points that we believe should be highlighted when choosing a case according to your phone. These points have not only been taken into account by us when making this compilation, but they are also advice that based on our experience we can give to anyone looking to buy an accessory of this type.

  • Compatibility: There are many mobile devices on the market and even staying only with Apple we find quite a few. So it goes without saying that you should look for a case that is compatible with your iPhone model. The fact that the iPhone X and XS share dimensions also allows them to have cases compatible with one or the other (not to be confused with those of the iPhone XS Max that are not compatible with them).
  • Protection: The main objective of any case or case is to offer a certain level of resistance to shocks, drops and scratches, so it must be taken into account that the chosen case complies with this and is not a mere design accessory.
  • Used materials: There is no indestructible material or at least not for this type of object, but there are always better and worse materials to guarantee the resistance mentioned previously.
  • Design: Although it is not a key factor for what has been previously commented, the fact that in the end the case must enter through the eyes is indisputable and more so when it is an accessory that is going to be worn for a while each day. Therefore, we always recommend choosing a design that is attractive to you.
  • Price: in the end this is one of the most decisive factors in a purchase. A high price does not always ensure more quality and although cheap ones do sometimes end up being of poor quality, it is not the case of what we bring in this post.

The most shock resistant housings

They may not be the most comfortable cases to use due to their robustness, but the ones that we are going to see below are among the best we can find to obtain total protection of the iPhone X / XS against shocks and falls of all kinds.

Urban Armor Gear

This case is designed to protect the iPhone on all sides. Dispose of quite thick corners that prevent the blows you suffer in those parts from ending up damaging the phone, as well as a back thick enoughas to avoid problems there too. And while it is true that the screen is visible, it does not mean that it is uncovered, since the thickness of the case prevents direct hits.

On an aesthetic level we find different designs, although at the time of publishing this article there are some of them that do not have stock. In any case, all of them offer identical protection for the phone and although their price is higher than the one we will see below, it could be well worth your purchase.

Lanhiem holster

If you want a somewhat cheaper option than the previous one, this Lanhiem brand cover is not far behind in terms of total protection of the iPhone is concerned. It offers a robust back cover in which the phone will hardly suffer before bumps and falls. On the front it includes a screen housing that in addition to protecting the screen well, it does not prevent the proper functioning of the touch screen and the Face ID sensors.

Lanhiem holster

Offer a finished in black or red, depending on what you prefer. And although its touch feels robust, the truth is that it has materials that do not detract from the ergonomics of the case. Of course, the thickness that remains is enough not to fit in some pockets, so you will also have to take this into account when carrying the phone with you.

Made with silicone

Cases with silicone materials are usually the most popular. Either because of their soft touch, how easy it is to clean or that they look like the official ones, they are among the most coveted. Below we tell you which are the most recommended options for us in this regard.


If you are looking for a cheap option, without a doubt this can be one of the most interesting. It is made of TPU materials that may not be as resistant as the ones we mentioned in the previous section, but they are extremely comfortable due to their touch and do not overweight the phone. In addition to that they are still useful to avoid scratches if it is carried in a bag or pocket with keys or other sharp elements.

Kwmobile case

In addition to the price, this brand stands out for offering up to 32 colors different. Therefore you can surely find a cover to your liking. All of them are also identical in terms of materials, so it will not matter if you choose one or the other.

Pack of 9 Leathlux covers

If you are looking for variety in a single price, it is possible that this pack of 9 covers in 9 different colors I finished satisfying you. They are covers ultra thinthat will allow you to change the style of your iPhone X or XS with its colors pink, red, light blue, dark blue, black, purple, green, yellow or white.

Pack of 9 Leathlux covers

They have a hole on the back where they can continue to show off the distinctive and distinctive Apple logo. It is not that they are the most resistant, but like the previous ones they can be of help to avoid scratches and scratches on the back of the device. If it is also combined with a good screen protector, it can be great.

Transparent cases to keep your iPhone looking

If you are a big fan of the design of your iPhone X and you are sad to lose it with a case, do not worry because the transparent ones can be your best allies. These covers provide good protection without giving up that design, finding the following brands as the most prominent.

Spigen covers

This is one of the most recognized brands in these years when it comes to offering transparent covers. And it is for two main reasons: price and quality.They offer really cheap accessories and in the case of these covers they do not yellow. We may find ourselves with a choice ultra hybrid with edges in various colors (to choose from) and which guarantees good protection against scratches on the back.

spigen ultra hybrid case

On the other hand we find the cover Crystal shell, from the same brand and offering a better protection due to its curved corners. These will cover the iPhone from possible problems with falls in which the impact occurs in that part, in addition to avoiding many blows on the screen precisely because of that thickness of the corners. It is available in both a pink and black border.

Crystal Shell spigen case


If you are looking for another style of transparent cases for your iPhone X or XS, the cases with mirror effect of the LAYJOY brand are also of very good quality like the previous ones and their price is also very affordable. In this case we find a single version available with the frames in black color.

layjoy cover

Although it will not protect against very severe falls, it must be said that they offer a very good level of protection thanks to its resistant materials. All this without giving up a soft, ergonomic touch and on top of that it is tremendously clean and it does not remain yellowish over time, something in which many covers of this style unfortunately sin.

Those that offer a very striking leather style

If you want to give a more sophisticated touch to your iPhone X or XS, there is no doubt that the leather or imitation cases of this are the most outstanding. If you like this style, the following two cases that we highlight will be to your liking.

Mujjo leather case

This brand has designed a protective case thick enough to protect the iPhone on its back and sides, but not too thick to continue offering a good grip and that does not significantly increase the size of the phone. It is designed with natural aged effect leather that gives it that sophisticated touch.

Mujjo leather case

This Available in various colors: blue, brown, black and green. In all these versions we find identical features in terms of design and resistance. The latter is especially noteworthy given that does not wear out easily. Of course, depending on which one is chosen, the price could vary.


With a different design than the previous one, this KANVASA brand case does not lose that touch of elegance in any of the versions in which it is available for the iPhone X and XS (black or brown). In both we find a good protectionin the face of blows and in the face of avoid scratches.


On an aesthetic level it also looks very premium and is built with very good quality materials that prevent the rapid wear that these types of covers usually suffer. It also stands out for enable wireless charging without the mobile overheating during the process.

Book-style covers with cover

This style of covers may not be suitable for all audiences because they are not always comfortable. However, it must be said that they also have good designs and far from what it may seem, they protect the devices very well.


We could perfectly have added this cover in the section of the most resistant cases. And it is that we can meet very resistant materialsthat will save you from many annoyances against bumps and falls, with a lining that is very soft to the touch and compact enough.


Offered in different colors and the style of its lid that closes by means of a magnet will also screen protected, so you will also avoid problems such as scratches and other damage to the panel. Its price is really affordable considering what it offers.

3C Collection Case

This is one of the options with best value for money in this ambit. It offers a case with details with engraved effect in different colors and fully compatible with iPhone X and iPhone XS. Its lid is closed by means of a magnet and its materials are compact enough to withstand blows, although always within a certain limit.

3C Collection Case

Stands out for allowing save cards or banknotes on its cover. It is also possible to place it in the form of stand to place the phone horizontally, ideal for consuming multimedia content. It also includes a cord to carry it more comfortably.

What are our recommendations?

All the covers that we bring in this article are recommended by us and because they are different styles we cannot stay with just one. If you want to know our opinion about which one we would choose in each category, this would be our selection:

  • Resistant covers: The Lanhiem brand cover seems to us the most successful due to its good characteristics and having a really interesting price for the degree of protection it offers.
  • Silicone sleeves: Although the case pack is very good, we believe that the individual options of the kwmobile brand can offer a better experience in the long run by having greater durability.
  • Transparent covers: Spigen is the one that we believe that offers the best value for money and if you hurry us we would say that the Crystal Shell option wins the game due to its higher degree of protection for the iPhone.
  • Leather covers: At this point, the first one that we have commented on the Mujjo brand we believe is more worthwhile. Despite costing more than the other, it offers a more elegant design in our opinion and with materials that offer superior quality.
  • Covers with lid: In this section we would stay with the BYONDCASE brand case due to its different design than usual in this style and offer good protection on all sides of the device.

Now, these are not the only good quality covers that we can find in the market in general and on Amazon in particular. There are other good options that, if you weren’t convinced by these, they could.

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