IPhones are affected by a failure of “effect 2022”

And it is that, since last January 1, those users accustomed to using the native application of their device to consult the holidays will have been able to observe how most of them (or all) have disappeared. This is an error that is manifesting itself in many countries, including Spain, Germany, Portugal, United Kingdom, Australia and some others.

What is the origin of the problem?

As you surely already know if you are a user of the Calendar application, in this application you can not only add events manually for your appointments, birthdays or other highlights. It is also possible to find the marking of those important holidays natively, so that you do not have to be consulting external sources.

This is a function that is automatically added to the application. We do not know if there is a manual process by which an Apple programmer is adding it or if, on the contrary, it is automatically synchronized with the main sources in each country. The fact is that whatever it is, the system used is not working correctly and the reason for this failure is unknown.

However, what does seem clear is that it is a problem that is not related to the change of the year, with the “2022 effect” being in the end a more comical reference than anything else. In fact, although no one claims to have checked it before the entry of this new year, it is possible that during 2021 they were already having problems to see the parties of the next.

The solution is already coming

Although the problem is not that it is serious, it can be tedious for those who want to check on what day the holidays fall this year. For this reason, it has been possible to know that Apple already has knowledge of the subject and is solving it no need to update iOS.

According to numerous users, holidays are reappearing in their Calendar applications in a staggered manner without the need to do any type of operation. Therefore, if you are affected by the problem, you should not worry. It will be all a matter of waiting for it to be solved in the next few days.

In any case, if you are in a great hurry, you should know that there is the possibility of manually add a holiday calendar which can even be more effective if you integrate the one for your specific city. With a simple Google search you can find downloadable calendars to add to your application safely. Not that it is the most comfortable either, but it will save you from having to wait for Apple’s solution.

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