IPM appoints Paloma Herranz as its new commercial director in Spain

The technology sector company MPI continues to take leaps and bounds in its intention to position itself in our country as one of the most powerful and leading technology companies. IMP a Ricoh Company aims to become the top provider of Cloud, cybersecurity, data center and digital workplace management services.

In this sense, the company has recently announced the Appointment of Paloma Herranz as the new commercial director of IPM in Spain. The figure of Herranz comes at an important moment for the company that intends to consolidate itself within the information technology (IT) sector.

The new commercial director of IPM in Spain arrives with an important baggage on her shoulders, and that is that Herranz has almost 30 years of experience in the information technology sector at a national level but also at an international level. In this sense, Paloma Herranz He has led companies in which he has covered technical and commercial positions.

The appointment of the position is a sure bet of the company to consolidate within the commercial growth and in the same way to position itself in the market. Her appointment does not fall from heaven and is that Paloma had already served with great success as leader in IMP teams in the Basque Country, Catalonia, Levante and the Balearic Islands. His activity in these teams led her to achieve the sales objectives of IPM and gave value to the offer in Managed Services, Cloud and Cybersecurity.

Its success is not sporadic and it is that during this year, the new commercial director of IPM in Spain, has been Women in Sales Award Finalist for Europe in the category of sales director.

Paloma herself, already as commercial director of IPM, has declared that “it is an honor to be part of a company that understands the importance of attracting and protecting talent as its main asset. Now, in my new stage in charge of the sales team in Spain, I hope contribute to the growth strategy and positioning of IPM in the market, as well as transferring the potential of the brand to our clients”.

Changes continue at IPM

With the incorporation of Paloma Herranz as the new commercial director of Spain, IPM does not stop. In this sense, the technology company has incorporated into its commercial team Daniel Seguerrawith which he intends Strengthen the market of Madrid, Andalusia and Extremadura. Seguerra has more than clear experience in his last 20 years at the helm of Dell Technologies, of which IPM is a Titanium Partner.

The impulse that the general management of IPM intends to give is to stand out professionally, since on the one hand continues to enhance its solutions in the Cloud and Cybersecurity areas, favoring the modern data center and digital workplace business; and on the other, he wants boost young and senior talenta fact that makes IPM stand out.

In the words of Miquel Soler, General Director of IPM in Spain and Portugal: “Paloma Herranz is the clear example of leadership for IPM, where the female talent It provides, from the beginning, great value for management and for the departments that make up the company. With this first step of the year, we hope to lead a successful 2023, which we will close with a profit much higher than the previous one”.

IPM to Ricoh Company, the experience in technology

IPM leads Ricoh Company to the forefront of technologies more than 40 yearsand it is that since the company was born in 1980 has displayed innovation, commitment, flexibility and transparency. Throughout its long career, IPM has accompanied and helped its clients by providing them with IT solutions.

Its pillars have focused on three elements throughout its existence. On the one hand the innovation, and it is that the company has focused on the evolution of technology and the new procedures that are being generated. That is why IPM has the training and certifications at the highest level required. On the other hand, IPM has agreement with the main manufacturers of information technology infrastructures, and finally, it offers a great quality of service.

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