IPTV: a seller of boxes was ordered to pay 145,000 euros in damages

A seller of IPTV boxes has been ordered to pay 145,000 euros in damages to Swedish television channels. Within a year, the man sold more than 100 subscriptions to his customers.

According to information from Aftonbladet, a Swedish media, a seller of IPTV boxes was sentenced by the Swedish courts. The case began in 2018. That year, a representative of several copyright companies opened an investigation into an illegal trade in subscriptions and boxes. These devices, whose trade is very lucrative, allow free access to sports channels or streaming subscriptions at a low price.

Contacted by the rights holders, Swedish police raided the house of the man identified as one of the box vendors in November 2019. Police forces found a stock of IPTV devices at the scene. These boxes had been sold through a website since 2009.

This seller of IPTV boxes earned 30,000 euros per year

After searching the scene, police officers discovered that the 58-year-old man had sold more than 100 IPTV subscriptions (including enclosures) during the previous year. Thanks to his small business, the 50-year-old has generated nearly 30,000 euros in profits in the space of a year. The IPTV market pays off big. In 2020, the IPTV industry was estimated to be worth around €2 billion.

Authorities have ample evidence of the suspect’s illegal activities, including emails exchanged with clients. Heard by the police, the seller agreed to detail the extent of his activities. However, he claims not to have been involved in any illegal activity. He claims thatan accomplice organized the sale using his name as a pseudonym.

Despite his assertions, he was sentenced to four months in prison for copyright infringement. The penalty will ultimately not be applied. Above all, the 50-year-old must reimburse damages to the four major television companies that initiated the legal action. He is sentenced to to pay 145,791.41 euros to aggrieved television channels. There is no shortage of miscellaneous facts of this ilk. Last year, 8 illegal download sites were blocked in France. A few months later, an IPTV seller on eBay received a 2-year suspended prison sentence.

Source: Aftonbladet

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