Is a music player still worth it in 2022?

It has been 21 years since Steve Jobs introduced the iPod. The co-founder of Apple made the mythical Sony Walkman, which had been on the market for more than 20 years, obsolete with a stroke of the pen. The other manufacturers would not take long to replicate the formula for success, although none would do so with as much detail as the Cupertino brand. After two decades, the iPod and mp3 players They have passed into memory. Is it still worth getting one in the middle of 2022?

Do you remember how fun it was to go down the street with your MP3?

ipod models

At the beginning of this millennium, having one of these with double the megabytes of your friend’s was synonymous with having succeeded. For a few years, MP3 players and iPods ruled the streets. We shared the music with our friends, completely unaware that this was not legal.

However, every era has a beginning and an end. Back in 2007Steve Jobs raised his hand again with a new device. The iPhone changed the rules of the game again, although on this side of the pond, the change took a few years to settle. Soon Spotify would arrive and the rest of the services of subscription music. For a few euros, you no longer had to search for songs out there. There was also no need to worry about player space or dealing with iTunes.

Do MP3 players still exist?

still exist, but They have evolved over another side. Competing against a mobile phone makes no sense at this point. After all, any smartphone can store and play local files, while also being able to access any music platform.

The manufacturers of these devices have sought ways to ensure that their products remain attractive, even if only to a small audience.

MP3 as a premium product

sony walkman premium.jpg

If we look at Sony, the series Walkman continues to be manufactured. In fact, this 2022, the Japanese brand has launched two models: the NW-WM1ZM2 and the NW-WM1AM2. If we analyze these products, we will see that they are very expensive equipment. Sony’s idea is to offer a hearing experience with a higher level and authentic quality materials. Not only do they have connectivity to be able to access online services, but they also have their own digital amplifier so that the user experience is outstanding. That, without forgetting that they have very large storage capacities, and with the possibility of expanding through microSD cards.

Sony’s idea is to sell these products to audiophiles and music professionals. For this public, it is probably not unreasonable to invest almost 4,000 euros in one of these products, since they have a much longer useful life than a smartphone and offer results well above what a high-end smartphone would give us.

The MP3 player as a basic and accessible device

On the other hand, they do not forget the lower ranges either. Just as there are premium models, there are also more affordable devices. Without screens or any kind of graphical interface —or with small and humble LCDs—. Simple products for all those who want to go for a run or exercise with a easy to use product and that it will not become obsolete over time.

Is it worth it then? All up to you. The vast majority of users will settle for a smartphone. (Tramadol) However, if you want the simplest—or the most complex—MP3 in the world, know that there’s a market for you.

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