Is a PC with 8 GB of RAM worth it to play, or do you really need more?

how much RAM do you need to play? This is a question that we have been asking ourselves in the PC ecosystem for a very long time, practically since the PC began to be used as a gaming platform. However, the answer has changed with the times, and right now we are at the point where many gaming PCs have 8GB memory cards installed but that the 16 GB they are becoming the standard, a fact that makes us wonder if 8 GB of RAM is still enough.

Nowadays, practically all manufacturers already sell their RAM memories in 16 GB kits, or even 32 GB for the case of the most modern platforms that use DDR5. However, not long ago these kits had a standardized size of 8 GB, and the problem really lies in those who have a gaming PC that is a few years old and have 8 GB installed… is it worth it? buy more quantity in full 2022?

8 GB or 16 GB, how much RAM is NEEDED to play?

We wanted to emphasize the word “necessary” for the simple fact that, in the end, it is the video game developers who tell us how much RAM we need when they publish their minimum and recommended requirements. And, while it is true that most modern PC games already indicate in their requirements that it is recommended to have 16 GB of memory to obtain the best possible performance, it is rare to see that they exceed 8 GB of RAM in the minimum requirements .

Let’s take for example the recently released Spider-Man Remastered, an example that is great for us because the developer published an extensive table of requirements that you can see above. As you can see, they tell us that the minimum amount of RAM we need to play is 8 GB, but then they recommend 16 GB to be able to enjoy the game at a higher resolution, with better graphics and a higher FPS rate, reaching up to 32 GB recommended for 4K 60 FPS option with Ray Tracing.

Does this mean that if your PC has 8 GB of memory you won’t be able to play 1080p at 60 FPS? For this level, the developer tells us that we would need 16 GB of RAM, but we already tell you the answer: no, you don’t need 16 GB, if your PC has relatively powerful hardware and, especially, a good graphics card, the game will run perfectly at 1080p and even higher resolutions.

Why then does the developer recommend more RAM? For the simple fact that this way the game will have more room for manoeuvre, so to speak. The PC will run more comfortably and the RAM memory will not be saturated, especially allowing the processor to deliver better performance in the game.

So if I have 8 GB, do I need to buy more?

The answer is that it depends. Normally, with 8 GB of RAM you will have enough to be able to run any modern game without too many hiccups, and the only thing that can happen is that you have a lower performance or, on some occasions, you suffer momentary screen freezes (which in the jargon gamer we know as «lashes«).

fortnite improve dpi and sensitivity to win

Now, if you really notice that when playing on your PC with 8 GB of memory you are suffering constant slowdowns, lags and general performance problems, you should first analyze if the problem is really that your computer is using all the RAM memory available, and if so, then perhaps it is worth investing in more memory.

By the way, if you want to go from 8 GB to 16 GB of RAM, our recommendation is always that you buy memory modules that are the same as the ones you have, both the brand and model, as well as the capacity and speed, since this way you will avoid any Type of problem.

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