Is an Apple Watch Cellular really worth it?

Main differences

To make the best decision about buying an Apple Watch in the LTE or GPS version, you have to know what are the differences that separate both models, and thus, be able to choose the one that will best satisfy the needs you have in your day. day. Something you have to know is that at the level of design, both models are exactly the same, since the differences lie in some of the functions that you can do, and that we will tell you about below.

Internet connection and calls

The two main differences that exist between both Apple Watch models are the way they connect to the internet and the possibility of make calls without having your iPhone nearby, therefore, the independence it has is, without a doubt, a differential point and one that many users value positively. On the one hand, the more traditional model, which is the GPS model, always connects to the internet through a Wi-Fi network, and obviously has total dependence on the iPhone, so actions such as going for a run with it, but without the iPhone , they will make you unable to access the internet or make calls.

On the other hand, the LTE version If it gives you that independence from the iPhone that many users were crying out for, since it has an internet connection at all times, which will allow you to perform actions such as listening to music without having to download the songs, but not only that, since really this connection is caused by the presence of an eSIM card. This also allows all users of this model to make calls independently of the iPhone, something that can be really useful on some occasions.


Naturally, the Apple Watch LTE having functions that the GPS version does not have, its price increases. Specifically, whenever you want to buy the LTE version it will cost you exactly 100 euros more than what the same model would cost you but with a GPS version. Now you have to be yourself who decides if it is really worth paying that difference to enjoy these advantages.

iPhone + Apple Watch

But beware, not only are those 100 euros the price difference that you have to take into account, but you will also have to contract an eSIM card which will be the one that will give you the possibility of having that independence from the iPhone to be able to have an internet connection and make calls whenever you want from your Apple Watch. Here is a list of the companies that offer this service in Spain.

What models are currently sold with LTE?

The year 2017 was chosen by Apple to launch its first Apple Watch with LTE version, and he did it with the Apple Watch Series 3. Since then, all Apple Watch models have had both versions, both LTE and GPS. However, despite the fact that today, Apple continues to sell several of its Apple Watch models, not all of them have the LTE version. Next we leave you the list of models that have counted and have this version, and we specify those that you can currently buy through the Apple Store.

  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • Apple Watch Series 4
  • Apple Watch Series 5
  • Apple Watch Series 6
  • Apple Watch SE
  • Apple Watch Series 7.

*Note: Apple currently only markets LTE versions for these devices.

Apple Watch SE

When are they worth buying?

We have already told you about the differences between the two Apple Watch models, and you even know which models are that currently have an LTE and GPS version in the Apple Store. Now we want to talk to you about the cases in which it is really worth paying that difference of 100 euros and purchasing the LTE model over GPS.

Advantages of the Apple Watch GPS + Cellular

As you have seen in this comparison, the difference between both models lies in the presence of an eSIM card and all that it entails, which is mainly the independence at the level of internet connection and making calls of the Apple Watch with respect to the iPhone, something that for some users is irrelevant, but that for others is really useful in their day to day life.

Apple Watch workouts

The reality is that the advantages provided by the LTE model, or GPS + Cellular, whatever you want to call it, are very interesting for certain users. Can have an internet connection at all times It means, for example, that when you want to go out for a run or do sports outside the home, you don’t have to take your iPhone with you and you don’t have to download music to your watch beforehand. In the same way, if you have any emergency, you can call with Apple Watch even if you have left the iPhone at home or you do not have it close enough. The same happens with those applications that need to have an internet connection, which you can use at any time from your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch in water

Disadvantages of the Watch with LTE

The reality is that the advantages offered by the LTE version of the Apple Watch are very interesting, however, not all that glitters is gold and it also has certain disadvantages that you have to know before opting for this model. The first drawback, as we have already mentioned, is the price increase compared to the GPS version.

However, the price does not go alone in this bag, but the autonomy It is another of the points that you will be affected whenever you use this version of Apple Watch. In addition, due to the components it has, both the connection speed Apple Watch, such as coverage on many occasions it is not as good as one might expect, making the user experience not as positive as one might expect.

Apple Watch S7 charging

Therefore, and for you to make the best possible decision, what we recommend is that values ​​really if you have the need to use mobile data and calls with your Apple Watch independently of the iPhone, especially taking into account the moments of your day to day in which you make use of it, since the extra cost compared to the GPS version is considerable and perhaps, later on you will not be able to get the most out of it that you initially thought.

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