Is Apple preparing a cheap MacBook Air for next year?

For some time now, rumors have begun to surface that point to a future cheap MacBook Air. However, lately they have intensified, and they also do so by pointing to specific time frames. Does this mean that these rumors are reliable? We’ll get to that in more detail later, but in advance, you know that Anglo-Saxon expression for taking things “with a pinch of salt” that I use from time to time when talking about rumours? Well, in this case I recommend that you have the salt shaker at hand.

On this occasion, we see the rumor about a cheap MacBook Air at 9to5Apple, which suggests that Apple would already be working on it, and that it has also been endorsed by the popular leaker Ming-Chi Kuo, which even launches to raise dates for its production. According to said information, the cheap MacBook Air, which would not necessarily bear the surname Air, would be announced sometime in 2023, most likely at the end of the year, since it would go into production during the fourth quarter of next year.

An interesting aspect of this cheap MacBook Air is the size of its screen, which would be 15 inches. An unprecedented measure in the current catalog of Apple laptops with the M1 chip. Let us remember that, today, we can find 13-inch MacBook Air and 13, 14 and 16-inch MacBook Air. Thus, if this rumor is true, Apple would again have a proposal in the 15-inch segment, a very versatile size and, consequently, one of the most common in the laptop sector.

From the hand of this cheap MacBook Air would come, according to the same information, a redesign of the 13-inch model (which is actually 13.3), and that could see its screen grow to be around 14. I find it a bit strange to think that Apple reserves the 13 inches only for the MacBook Prowhen Air’s proposal, since its inception, has been related to mobility, a segment in which 13 inches make all the sense in the world.

And what is the reason for the return of the rumors about the cheap MacBook Air? Well, documentation that came to light as a result of the trial between Apple and Epic Games, which revealed that the company had already studied this possibility back in 2008, more or less coinciding in time with the jump to Intel. The project, as history tells us, did not go ahead, but it was on Cupertino’s agenda for a while.

Does it make sense today? My opinion, and I have already commented on it on previous occasions, is that a cheap version of any apple device makes sense if the company intends to grow its customer base. A cheap MacBook Air, a cheap iMac, a cheap iPhone (but really cheap, no more than 300 euros) would make the company’s numbers skyrocket in terms of sales and users. Now, is this interesting in Cupertino?

That is the fundamental question. Apple’s pricing policy is the subject of thousands of reflections and discussions, and no conclusion seems to prevail over the others. The only thing that we see clearly is that reducing prices does not seem to be a priority (or they would have already done so, for example, when they removed a charger and headphones from each new iPhone). Thus, a cheap MacBook Air does not seem too feasible to medespite the fact that I find it very desirable (to begin with, for the part that touches me, as an Apple user).

Apple needs to grow in users to keep up with its growth rate, and a cheap MacBook Air would be a great way to do that. However, and within the hypotheses and rumours, I see more feasible what another rumor that we told you yesterday raises: the renting of their devices. A way that, in addition to increasing the number of devices in the hands of users, would also see the number of users of its services grow. Posts to choose theory, I prefer the second.

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