Is Boot Camp on all Macs?

Boot Camp is software developed by Apple that allows you to have Windows or Linux installed on your Mac. It is undoubtedly a good tool with which you can have both operating systems on your Mac, but it is not compatible with all Apple computers. In this post we explain everything you need to know to see if your Mac has Boot Camp.

Requirements to have Boot Camp

There are users who, despite having a Mac and being able to enjoy its operating system, for various reasons, want to have Windows on their computers. This is possible thanks to the software developed by Apple to be able to partition the disk. Keep in mind that there are certain requirements that your Mac must meet in order to perform the entire installation successfully, and that not all Macs can have this software as it requires you to always update the firmware to the latest version. In addition to this, so that you can have Boot Camp, you will have to have a large amount of empty space on your Mac’s disk. For this reason, it is advisable to install Windows shortly after purchasing your Mac, in this way you will not have space problems. Apple recommends having about 64GB free, although the ideal would be to have 128GB completely free.

Your Mac must also have macOS X 10.6 or higher and, as we said before, the updated firmware. One of the most important requirements is to have a Windows installation disc, be it Windows 7 or Windows 10 in order to install it correctly. Keep in mind that you do not have to have rEFIt installed, since having it installed, REFIt has been put as the first partition on the disk and this causes Boot Camp to not be able to run. If Boot Camp fails to run, the Windows Drivers CD cannot be created. Lastly, you’ll need to have the macOS X Setup DVD that came with your Mac.


Compatible Mac models

If this is going to be your first time installing Windows on your Mac, you should keep in mind that you have to install a full version and not an update. You also need to have the secure boot option configured on your Mac before you install Windows. Once you have installed it, you can go back to the type of configuration you want.

macbook out

After having seen the necessary requirements to have Boot Camp and you want to install Windows, it’s time to find out if your Mac is one of those models in which this software is found. Boot Camp requires your Mac to have an Intel processorbut for several years most of the computers that Apple manufactures have it, so this will not be a very important problem, unless you have acquired one of the latest Macs, since as we have mentioned, it should be noted that the computers that carry M1 will not have Boot Camp, so you will have to know the processor that your computer has to know its compatibility.

The Macs on which we can enjoy Boot Camp are the following:

  • MacBook from 2015 and later with Intel chip
  • MacBook Air from 2012 and later with an Intel chip
  • MacBook Pro from 2012 and later with an Intel chip
  • Mac Mini from 2012 and later with an Intel chip
  • iMac from 2012 and later with an Intel chip
  • iMac Pro (all models) with Intel chip
  • Mac Pro from 2013 and later with an Intel chip

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