Is CleanMyMac X safe?

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CleanMyMac X has been updated, and brings great news in terms of its graphic menu as you can see. Also, if you had doubts about whether this software is really safe or not, in this article we will dispel all those doubts about this fantastic cleaning software for your macOS.

And it is that, as you know, there are many supposed cleaners on the net that are not such or that contain code that could be labeled as suspicious. Instead, this one is different in many ways… Do you want to know why?

The new interface of CleanMyMac X

The new graphical user interface of this app has been Completely redesigned and some new features added very interesting, like:



CleanMyMac X could already monitor the temperature of the CPU, as well as the workload that this unit has. However, in the new version you will also be able to see the apps that are consuming the most resources, the uptime of the operating system and even unusual activity.

This can help you identify what is slowing down the system or if there is any malware that is consuming abnormal resources.



This menu refers to the use of the RAM that the running processes have, being able to identify the heaviest processes that could be removed to free up memory.

Another way to monitor the running processes and which programs are consuming the most main memory, thus understanding the ones that slow down the system.



The new version of CleanMyMac X also comes with this tool with which you can monitor the disk usage that is being done on the computer, and can also measure conditions and temperature to know when something is happening and it’s time to make a copy and replace the drive in anticipation of data loss.

In addition, by also monitoring the space, you can use this tool to free up space on the drive and have more capacity and greater speed, since it remembers that when the storage medium fills up it also becomes more “lazy”.



Equipment with a battery also has a section where the charging cycles can be viewed to determine the state of health of the battery, which is especially practical.

In addition, you can also use it to monitor the battery time you still have left so that total exhaustion does not catch you unexpectedly and you can save all your work or games.


This is a new protection module to keep threats on your Mac under control. With an updated malware database. Thanks to it, it can be used with antimalware, scanning the system for malicious software to be removed.

In this way you will be protected against the threats that swarm the network and to which macOS is vulnerable. And, on the other hand, if you have several Mac computers on the network, you will avoid passing the infection to others.

Monitor network and connected devices

New tool under development and that will arrive in a while… An expected element, since it will also be possible to detect network performance problems and which devices are making the most use of it.

In short, great advantages that you should get now if you want to good maintenance of your system and that it is always in perfect condition. So that you only have to worry about what really matters to you…

The anti-malware module

protection module

Another important aspect is why CleanMyMac is a safe app and it is not like other supposed cleaners? Well, for this you have to analyze several points:

Apple Certified

You can see the “Notarized by Apple” seal in this app, that is, CleanMyMac X is a cleaner that has been certified by Apple itself, which is a guarantee and peace of mind.

This certificate determines that the app does not have malicious components and its distribution is safe.

Anti malware module

It has an anti-malware module, which will be in charge of detecting and eliminating the malicious code from your system. Although macOS is a fairly secure system, that does not make it infallible against certain attacks or cybersecurity threats.

For added peace of mind, the new CleanMyMac module has a large signature database that is updated to keep up with the latest.

Not a PUP or PUA

It is not a potentially dangerous application like many other Windows cleaners. There are a huge number of tools on the net for cleaning the system and speeding it up, which are not what they seem. And they are not for several reasons.

On the one hand, they may not be performing their function as they should, so they are useless, that is, they neither clean nor speed up the system.

On the other hand, they may include other programs that could be dangerous or annoying. CleanMyMac is not like that, it is an app that has been designed to be practical and that does what it promises.


CleanMyMac is a reliable app which you can trust, with a very elegant graphical interface and panels so that any user can know how to interpret and interact with them.

With it you will be able to monitor system parameters, anticipate certain problems and, the main thing, clean the system to eliminate gigabytes of unnecessary files that are occupying your storage unit. It has so much prestige within the Mac community for a reason…

If you want to try it for free, you can download it from this link.

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