Is Coca-Cola’s Colaphone really in the works?

A rumor claims that the Coca-Cola brand is preparing the launch of a smartphone. His name would be Colaphone. A strange Twitter account was created in November 2022, but no official link is present in the bio. The visuals in this account appear to be from a visual that a Chinese leaker posted on social media. Is this fake news? A real smartphone?

Companies in the electronics field that are getting into telephony, there have been. Garmin, Kodak or even Facebook. There have also been brands not specialized in electronics such as Bic (with the famous Bic Phone). Agri-food brands have also tried it, always in partnership with a manufacturer: KFC with Huawei, RedBull with ZTE, Coca-Cola with Ericsson, or even Pepsi Cola which has partnered with an obscure OEM to create the Pepsi Phone P1.

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Did it work? Commercial successes are rare. The Bic Phone, a famous disposable phone, is certainly the perfect counterexample. All the others had no other interest than to create buzz for the brand. There will certainly be other similar initiatives. And the next one might be closer than you thought before you clicked on the link that took you to this article. Since a rumor says that Coca-Cola would soon do it again with a new smartphone.

A Coca-Cola smartphone soon to be announced?

This smartphone would be called the colaphone. The rumor comes from a Chinese leaker well known on social networks (Asian or Western). This is Ice Universe. The latter posted a photo on his Twitter account (visual that accompanies this article, of course). We then took the time to analyze the information before deciding to publish this article, because some details seem suspicious (even if the Pepsi Phone also looked like fake news when the first rumors fell in 2015…).

The smartphone that is shown in this image looks quite classic with a double rear photo module, accompanied by a flash. The hull is obviously in the colors of the American brand, with its famous logo, clearly visible. From our observations, this phone looks a lot like the Realme 10 that Oppo’s alternative brand introduced last November. This is a entry-level smartphone which will compete with Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 12.

As if to bring grain to this leak, know that it already exists a Twitter account called Colaphone. It’s been around since November 2022 (like the Realme 10 release date). But he hasn’t posted a tweet in 3 months. And there is no link in his biography, not even information that confirms his legitimacy (and even less little yellow badge that certifies a Twitter account). The visuals used to dress this account come, coincidentally, from the same image you can see above. Result, this all sounds a lot like fake news. But a (good?) surprise is not impossible. History has shown us that a brand can have amazing ideas to create buzz.

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