Is El Rubius still the Spanish youtuber with the most followers?

Top 10 YouTubers with the most followers

Each YouTube user has their own list of creators, the ones they like the most because of how they tell things or simply because of the good times they put them through. And there may or may not be some of those who accumulate the most followers on the platform on that list, but even without being there, it is easy for many to recognize names such as El Rubius, Vegetta777, Luisito Comunica, etc.

However, in terms of audience and followers, it is easy to get the odd surprise when you check which one accumulates the highest numbers. And yes, we already anticipate that El Rubius ceased to be the Spanish-speaking YouTuber with the most followers. What position are you in right now? Well, keep reading.

1. The Infant Kingdom

With 45.6 million subscribers This is the largest Spanish channel on all of Youtube. The content? Videos with songs and lots of drawings that seem to hypnotize the little ones. It is likely that when you see a father who leaves his mobile to the little one to be able to have coffee, lunch or dinner quietly in a restaurant, he is watching videos of The Infant Kingdom.

2. Badabun

Be careful with Badabun, a channel that in a relatively short time managed to be placed with 44.9 million subscriberss. The foundation of your success? The viral and eye-catching content. And it is that he has been publishing several videos a day with things that attract attention as compilations or showing content such as The differences between men and women.

3. PlayGerman

Surely there will be those who know the HolaSoyGerman channel, a young Chilean who has been on the platform for many years. As well, PlayGerman was his second channel and with the pull he already had he was able to make it grow rapidly until he reached the 44.2 million followers.

4. FernanFloo

Maybe when you watch the videos of Fernanfloo the continuous use of foul language does not please you, but there he is with his 43.3 million subscribers being the third channel with the most followers on the platform. Luis Fernando Flores is one of the most popular YouTubers and now he also bets on Twitch, something common in many others since they take advantage of the live content and then upload to YouTube and double income.

5. HiSoyGerman

Yes, the fourth channel with the most subscribers is that of Hi I’mGerman, 42.9 million subs. Curiously, since 2016 no new videos have been uploaded, but just look at the figures and think about what it should continue to report at the income level.

6. The Rubius

With 40.1 million subscribers, Rubén Doblas, The Rubius, is no longer the YouTuber with the most subscribers to the Spanish-language platform. Likewise, that does not prevent it from continuing to be one of the best known or directly the best known by millions and millions of users, even by those who are not attracted to its content.

7. Luisito Communicates

Luis Arturo Villa or Luisito Communicates As most know him, he is a Mexican with a channel where he exudes sympathy and who has been teaching us very curious parts of the world for years. It is not a travel channel, but it is one of his passions and he has traveled practically the entire planet teaching things as rare as street food in China. With 37.4 million subscribers He has earned the seventh position as the most followed YouTuber in Spanish.

8. Kimberly Loaiza

First girl, Mexican YouTuber and singer Kimberly Loaiza. With 33.6 million subscribers, she uploads music videos, some vlogs and also jokes that she makes with her partner and friends.

9. Vegetta777

One of the most popular games channels, with 32.7 million subscribers, Vegetta777 is the eighth most followed channel in Spanish. Their content has remained very stable during all these years and they are basically gameplays of most of the fashionable games. Now, how could it be otherwise, he is with The Squid game.

10. Auron Play

If you are into pranks, especially phone ones, you have to know Auron Play yes or yes. Raúl Álvarez Genes is the one behind the created character and its content, too hooligan for some, attracts millions of young people. As much as 28.6 million subscribers in total.

A TOP in continuous evolution

With such a level of subscribers, it is easy for a single video that works better than the rest to produce a change in this TOP 10, especially among the top positions. Still, that’s the least of it.

The striking thing is to see the number of people who are able to attract with these contents that for some are lacking in quality and for others they are all they need to disconnect from day to day, routine and even problems.

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