Is Google already working on its new service that will end up closing?

When we see movies from decades ago where there is talk of a future with screens based on holograms, it is when we get a smile. Especially when talking about a year in the future that has already happened in real life. Well, that alternative future could have been made thanks to Google and its Project Starline. What does it consist of? Is it something with a future or a simple project that will end up in the cemetery again?

Ever since our grandparents first saw the Wizard of Oz in theaters, the concept of a hologram has been around in modern science fiction. Understand a hologram as a two-dimensional surface with the ability to display static or moving images in detail in three dimensions. The clearest example in popular culture is Princess Leia’s message in the first Star Wars movie broadcast by R2-D2. Well, Google has managed to bring it in the form of real-time video chat technology. Is Project Starline a technology that could change the screens on PC or a simple experiment that will end on deaf ears like many others from Google?

What is Google’s Project Starline?

Project Starling is the name of a experimental google technology who uses light field displays to create holograms. Its functionality? Allow long-distance video chat through holograms instead of using traditional methods. Until now, they had tested this technology within the multinational offices and they are already moving their technology to other companies to test the viability of the technology in environments outside the development laboratory.

technology uses an array of cameras to record video and then display it at the same time in the form of 3D holograms on large screens. So it is a first step for the standardization of this type of screens for the general public. Of course, with the huge number of projects that Google starts and cancels after a while, it is possible that Project Starline ends up on deaf ears like many other projects.

In any case, the fact of using a light field screen and several cameras implies the use of much more complex hardware and, therefore, more expensive than that used for videoconferencing in companies. Something that is undoubtedly a problem for its implementation in the vast majority of companies in the world.

What do we think? Well, it is still a technological curiosity that will not go beyond what is shown and all for the fact of using such a unique and exclusive technology to function. In all, if it ends up being standardized, it is clear that it could completely change the world of streaming content over the Internet and in video games where the closest thing we have had so far is the Nintendo 3DS portable.

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