Is Hogwarts Legacy a success? Yes, and we have the proof

Hogwarts Legacy is now officially available. Today February 10, the game based on the Harry Potter literary universe can now be enjoyed for all those who reserved it and did not want to pay the extra that the special version with early access entailed. Be that as it may, and despite the (absurd and idiotic controversies), it seems that the game developed by Avalanche is a success. Can you imagine why we know?

The most anticipated game

It is something that is breathed in the environment. It doesn’t matter who you talk to, or what channel you watch on Twitch, there’s practically a legion of fans of JK Rowling’s work dealing with a game that has tried to capture the entire essence of the magical world Created by the English writer. A title that takes us back in time, to the 19th century, but which shows us an extraordinary universe full of mythical settings, creatures, characters and legends that are well known to the general public.

Thanks to that, Avalanche’s job just got a whole lot easier and sales have practically come by themselves. No matter where we look, among the best sellers there is always one of the versions of Hogwarts Legacy. It does not matter if on PS5, PS4, Xbox Seris X | S, Xbox One or PC.

Precisely, it has been on this last platform where we have been able to verify the resounding success of the Warner title. Hogwarts Legacy It has managed to sneak into the rankings of the best sellers in recent weeks but since February 7, when the early access period began, the thing has skyrocketed so much in the peak of users as in that of players connected at the same time.

The figures of success on Steam

As we tell you, these data that can be obtained from Steam make it clear that Hogwarts Legacy is already rubbing shoulders with the biggest hits of video games in recent years. Specifically, it has ranked third among the most played, with a total of 489,139 users in a 24-hour period, but it doesn’t stop there, it is the first in the classification of titles that are trending on the web. valve store.

Success Hogwarts Legacy.

On this last case, Hogwarts Legacy has managed to reach the peak of 242,738 players enjoying at the same timea stratospheric figure that says a lot about the enthusiasm with which users have accepted this new adventure within the magical world of Harry Potter.

Starting today we will see exactly what is the avalanche of players that are yet to jump on the bandwagon of a title that has managed to leave behind the heavyweights that follow erre erre with the controversies around JK Rowling, and that has led them to demonstrate their [pon calificativo aquĆ­] boycotting streams that broadcast live games of Hogwarts Legacy. Luckily, and given the results, it seems that they will soon realize that they cannot stop a phenomenon that, hopefully, will soon offer new news about extra content. Wouldn’t that be a good idea?

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