Is it a computer or a fish tank? It’s the PCera!

We can find in the market computer cases of the most varied in shape and design. A Chinese manufacturer has wanted to go further and has presented a most peculiar micro-ATX case. This Chinese manufacturer, called MetalFish, has presented the chassis Y2 Fish Tank Chassis, which is an aquarium PC or PCera.

If we search, we will find in Google different users who have created an aquarium and have integrated a PC. Within the world of modding there are the most varied and striking solutions. But, a Chinese manufacturer has sought to turn that characteristic DIY project into a fully functional and very complete computer tower.

Once upon a time there was an aquarium attached to a PC

For many years I have been going to Lan Parties and seeing some of the most creative tower mods. Motorcycles turned into computers, a dragon, and even a skyscraper that housed several computers and a local storage system, among many others. I have also seen some fishbowl computer, but, I never thought that a mod could be brought to mass production.

The Chinese company MetalFish has brought something that is “usual” within modding to mass production. They have caught and attached a computer tower and a fish tank, to create a really interesting computer case. A very well thought out tower in many respects.

They have created a system of removable tray where the computer components are mounted. This is something very ingenious and practical, since to mount or clean the computer, you do not have to move the system from the site. We have to remember that there is a fish tank on this computer and any other opening system would be a problem.

We can also see that the part where the computer goes is full grille on the front and both sides. This is very interesting, since an air flow is generated that expels the heat from the back of the computer. For practical purposes, it makes the water in the fish tank less hot. And it is that, due to the heat of the computer, the water in the fish tank will always be hotter than in other cases.

Integration at its best

About this system say that it has dimensions of 370x250x290 mm and has an approximate volume of 27 liters, of which 13 liters belong to the aquarium. It’s not the largest aquarium in the world, it’s true, but what’s left is having a PC with little lights and on top of it some little fish swimming so calmly.

The Y2 Fish Thank allows the installation of micro-ATX and mini-ITX motherboards. It has other limitations, such as that it supports graphics cards up to 220mm in length and processor coolers up to 90mm in height. It has space for the installation of a 2.5-inch SSD, in addition to motherboard support for M.2 drives. This system does not offer support for liquid cooling, except if there are leaks.

MetalFish has an AliExpress store, although they have not listed this chassis at the moment. It can only be purchased in China through its official website and is priced at approximately $75.

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