Is it bad to charge the Apple Watch all night? Definitely resolved

When is the best time to charge it?

We start with the conclusion: it is not bad to charge the Apple Watch all night. Regardless of what time of day it is, having the Apple Watch charging for 6-8 hours does not have to be negative. While it is true that it will end up charging in much less time, it is okay to leave it charging even when it has reached 100%.

The system that has the Apple watch allows you to have a optimized load so that it is not negatively affected by continuous charging. The device is capable of preventing the entry of a good part of the charger’s energy when it reaches 100% charge, thus preventing it from overheating and allowing the entry of a minimum amount with which to continue 100% without discharging.

Each person has our own routines and in more recent versions of the Apple Watch it is possible to find much faster charges, so in 1-2 hours they could be fully charged from 0% to 100% and therefore be able to sleep with them without trouble. Now, if the clock bothers you at night or for any other reason you consider that it is the best time to charge it, do it without fear because it will not affect the deterioration of the battery.

What you should never do when recharging

There are several aspects that we believe you should know to avoid carrying out actions that do harm the battery and they make deterioration occur faster. The first of these is that the load is intermittent, that is, that you are constantly putting it on and taking it off the charging base.

It is also not advisable that use it while charging, although it is perhaps the action that least damages the battery. One that can be a determining factor in deterioration is the fact that use non-original cables and / or adapters, which could make charging less efficient, so always try to use Apple-certified accessories (even if they are not made by them).

Also keep in mind, in line with what has been said about charging it for several hours, that it is not good either that you overdo it. That is, under no circumstances is it advisable to leave it charging for excessive hours and even days, since there it could be dangerous. If you are not going to use it for a while, it is preferable that you keep it in a drawer, but not with 100% load but between 50 and 80%.

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