Is it bad to charge the iPhone with an iPad charger?

There are two types of original iPad chargers

Leaving out the older iPad chargers, in recent years and today we can find two types of charging adapters in the iPad box. It is not that there are two units, since only one comes, but this is different depending on the tablet that is chosen. If you have a iPad with Lighnting port, the power adapter will be 10-12w and with a form factor the same as the one shown on the left in the next photo. If your iPad has USB-C port (iPad Pro 2018 and later / iPad Air 2020), it will look like the one on the right and will be between 18 and 20 watts.

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Regarding the charging cable, we also find distinctions. Although in any of the cases we find a very similar length and materials, in the case of the iPad with Lightning this cable has, as is expected, a Lightning connector at one end and at the other it has USB type A. In the iPad Pro and iPad Air we find a cable in which both ends are USB-C, so this will not work to charge the iPhone due to the incompatibility of connectors. The first of them will work perfectly regardless of the charging adapter that is used.

What happens if you charge iPhone with iPad adapter?

Absolutely nothing. Any type of charging adapter that we find in an iPad comes with mMFi certificate, acronym for “Made for iPhone” and which comes to suppose a full guarantee of compatibility and charging quality with Apple smartphones. It was not expected less being an original charger from the Californian company itself, but it is worth remembering it.

In the case of the classic adapter, the one with USB-A input, we can find a faster charge than the classic 5w that Apple offered in the iPhone adapters. With the USB-C adapter we can find an even faster charge of up to 20w as with the original adapter that came standard in the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. Not surprisingly, the charging adapter of the new iPad and that of those iPhone was the same, so incompatibility problems, overheating or other problems that prevent proper charging are completely ruled out.

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Now, you should keep in mind that you will experience some of the disadvantages of fast charging on iPhone. And, as interesting as it is to be able to charge the iPhone in less time, in the end you will be causing the battery to deteriorate in less time if you use this type of charge on a regular basis. And although it is true that the health of this component tends to wear out naturally over time regardless of the charger used, the truth is that with 7.5 or 5w adapters this occurs more slowly.

Therefore, and by way of conclusion, you can charge the iPhone with the iPad charger, although it is not always recommended if you don’t want to suffer that increased battery drain. Our advice is that you do it in case you do not have another charger on hand or sporadically to charge it faster, but not on a regular basis.

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