Is it better to put the fan on the ground or higher? Do this and refresh your house

The question is simple: is it better to put the fan on the ground or in an elevated area? The objective, as you can imagine, is to make the most of it and be able to refresh a room a little more. And yes, you will see that there are differences. For this reason, we are going to tell you which is the best place to put your fan and you can optimize its use to the maximum to cool the environment in the summer months.

In savings you will not notice it, at least not directly. A fan will consume the same regardless of where you place it. Yes, you may notice less need to turn on another fan, turn it up louder, or even use the air conditioning. Therefore, even indirectly, it will also help you to have a minor consumption.

Put the fan close to the ground

if you put the fan near the ground, it is better than putting it in an elevated area in order to cool the house. Because? The cold air will concentrate in the lower part, near the ground. Hot air tends to go up. Therefore, even if it is a small difference, placing the fan close to the ground will cause it to blow cooler air up.

By placing it in an elevated area, such as a table or furniture, what it will do is expel hotter air downwards. That can make the feeling less comfortable than if you blow cold air more from the ground up. You are going to take more advantage of this Small difference that can be in a room.

This does not mean that it works miracles. As we mentioned, the difference is not very big. You will not notice much colder air if you put the fan on the ground than if you place it in a higher area. However, it’s all going to help you achieve that right level of comfort in the summer months.

Choosing a fan to save light

Low consumption

However you place the fan, what you must be very clear about is that the consumption will be inferior to air conditioning. In fact, the difference is going to be more than noticeable. It can be, perfectly, about 15 times less energy consumption than a common air conditioner that we can have at home.

Therefore, whenever you can use the fan instead of the air, better in order to save. If you put it in a Low zone, close to the ground, you will take even more advantage of the air at a lower temperature and thus better cool the environment. All this will help to have a better climate sensation in the summer months.

You will not find big differences between the different fans that you can see on the market. It does not matter if it is a ceiling fan, a floor fan or even a smaller one. Normally it consumes between 40 and 90Wh. Think that an air conditioner can consume 1000Wh or even more.

In short, as you see put the fan in a low zone It will help you cool a room more than if you put it from the top down, since in this case it would push hotter air. It is key to locate the devices well and thus take advantage, as far as possible, of the temperature that can be made in the different areas of the house.

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