Is it better to put the router in a high or low area? This you must do

The location of the router is important to have a good connection. Not only to have better coverage, but also to avoid possible interference that could affect the signal and make it work worse. Now, is it better? put the router in a high or low area? For example, at the top of a piece of furniture or at the bottom, near the floor. In this article we will discuss this topic. It is a factor that you should always take into account.

Put the router in a high or low area

In order to always have the best internet connection, you may wonder where to place the router well. Maybe you have a piece of furniture that suits you to place it, but you doubt if it is better to put it higher or closer to the ground. The answer is that the ideal is to be in a high area, although without going overboard.

The best thing to place the router is that don’t put it glued to the ground. That is, avoid the bottom of a piece of furniture, for example. It is also not optimal to put it on top of a tall piece of furniture, near the ceiling. Ideally, it should be in an elevated area, but not to the extreme either. For example, an area that is a meter and a half or two meters from the ground may be a good idea.

Why is this aspect important? If you put it too close to the ground, part of the signal will be lost. You are not going to take full advantage of the resources it has to connect wirelessly. The coverage will reach a shorter distance and you will not reach the maximum speed when you connect a computer, mobile phone or whatever device.

Normally routers emit better the top down sign. Therefore, placing it in a high space will be better to have a good connection. For example, a table or small piece of furniture could also be worth it, as long as it is at least one or one and a half meters high.

Avoid obstacles and interference

But beyond placing the router in an elevated area or not, it is essential to put it in a place away from any obstacles or interference. For example, you should not put it next to the television, near a microwave or any device that uses Bluetooth, since they work in a band close to 2.4 GHz.

You should also move it away from obstacles that may affect the wireless signal, such as a wall or a thick wall. That will reduce the range of the Wi-Fi and you will have problems connecting from further away. Move it as far as possible from possible obstacles that may affect it.

It is also a good idea that you have it in a cool zone, since the heat is harmful. For example, you should not put it next to a window where it receives direct sunlight. Neither near any device that gives off heat or put things on top that could hinder it.

As you can see, locating the router well is essential. Always choose an elevated area and avoid putting it close to the ground. You should also move it away from obstacles and other sources of heat that can cause interference and problems.

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