Is it cheaper if you build a gaming PC buying on Aliexpress?

Obviously, we are not going to look for a next-generation PC, nor one designed to move games at 4K resolution with everything on top. We are going to try to find a cheap gaming PC that is capable of delivering decent performance to be able to play at Full HD resolution without a problem, always spending the less money the better, since in the end that is the essence of who buys on Aliexpress ( save money), right?

A cheap gaming PC on Aliexpress, can it be done?

Before we start, we feel obliged to give you some advice: Aliexpress is not like big stores, with huge warehouses and thousands of products in stock. This Chinese store is more like a huge showcase where thousands of sellers put their products up for sale, and in this environment there may even be some scams.

Therefore, the recommendation and advice that we give you is that you always, always look for sellers who have many products sold and with good ratings, since in this way we can have some certainty that the sale is legitimate.

With that said, let’s get started. Some time ago we told you that we had renewed a PC by buying parts on Aliexpress, and it is that you can really find single processors that were once very TOP, and although today they are not so much, if we tell you that you can buy a whole Intel Xeon E5-2630L V3 for less than 14 Euros, well hey, it’s worth something, right? This processor has 8 cores and 16 threads at 2.9 GHz with a TDP of 55W.

Intel Xeon E5-2630L V3

This is a processor that uses the Intel X99 chipset with LGA2011 socket, so it’s not easy to find a compatible motherboard and heatsink… is it? One of the advantages of Aliexpress is that you can find discontinued hardware without much trouble. We are dealing with Chinese hardware, yes, but we have found this X99 LGA2011 motherboard for €81 compatible with DDR4 RAM and it does not look bad, of course. Be careful, because the plate is sent without the CR2032 battery because its shipment from China is prohibited, it will have to be purchased separately (it costs €1 at any hardware store).

As for the heatsink, since the processor has only a 55W TDP, almost anything is worth it, so we have chosen another Chinese brand that costs about €23 but has 1 fan and 6 heatpipes, more than enough to maintain that processor. at good temperatures. As for RAM, there are several compatible kits on Aliexpress, and we have chosen 2 units of these 2,666 MHz DDR4 RAM to add 16 GB of memory (what less in a gaming PC, right?). In total, it would be €43 for the 16GB of RAM.

You can also buy graphics cards on Aliexpress, so we can choose several models depending on the budget. Since the premise is to find something cheap but that is plenty for gaming at 1080p, we have chosen a GTX 1660 SUPER for 157 Euros.

cheap graph aliexpress

So far, we have a Xeon processor, 16 GB of RAM, a heatsink, a relatively modern motherboard with good connectivity and a graphics card, and the shopping cart amounts to about €318. But what about the other hardware components?

Hardware that we do NOT recommend buying on Aliexpress

Actually, by being able to you can build a complete gaming PC on Aliexpress, what happens is that there are some components that we do not recommend buying there, such as the box; The reason is that the cheap boxes that we have found seem to be of very poor quality and come without fans, and the ones that are decent are even more expensive than in Spain (also, keep in mind that in transport from China the box will be hit almost certainly and who knows how it gets to you). For this reason, this is a component that we would prefer to buy here, since you have many boxes for 50 Euros that are more than decent and valid for our purpose.


Two other components that we do not recommend buying from Aliexpress are the SSD and the power supply. The SSD because, although there are some very cheap Chinese SSDs, it’s not worth taking the risk and you have a 500 GB Crucial SSD in Spain for €57 with all the guarantees, to give an example.

As for the source, we consider that it is too delicate a component to buy it from a “Chinese brand”, and those of a good brand cost the same on Aliexpress as on Amazon Spain. Buy the one you want, 500W or more, taking into account the chosen graphics… we would take this NOX model, which, although it is not a wonder, is quite cheap and has a good guarantee.

In total, you will have assembled a cheap gaming PC with parts from Aliexpress for approximately €470 (keep in mind that prices fluctuate), which is not bad at all, right?

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