Is it good to always enable virtual memory in Windows?

To avoid these problems when we have little RAM available, we can choose to buy more and expand it, or make use of the so-called Windows Virtual Memory, known as pagefile.sys. It is a technique carried out by the operating system through which it reserves a storage space on our hard drive to use it as if it were RAM memory, and use it in case it is full.

Enable Windows virtual memory

When deciding whether to activate virtual memory in Windows we must be clear that the system it won’t work better the more virtual memory you have. We must bear in mind that the memory of our hard drive (and even that of the SSDs) is much slower than that of the RAM, so we cannot expect the same performance. This memory must be seen as a resource that Windows uses in the event that the RAM memory is full so that we can continue working.

Therefore, when it is really useful and efficient to activate virtual memory in Windows it is on a computer with low memory. In computers with up to 4 GB we must configure between 1.5 times and 3 times the installed RAM memory and where we will achieve the highest performance. In the case of having 4 GB of RAM or more, a value of 4 GB for virtual memory will be sufficient.

Automatic virtual memory

It is also important to know that it is not recommended activate virtual memory in partitioned drives, since we would only slow down the operation of our computer. Although there are no compatibility problems with current SSD drives and it significantly improves the performance of the computer, since virtual memory must always be on the fastest disk.

Should we disable it?

As we have commented previously, the use of Windows virtual memory ensures that we can always have RAM available, so it is not recommended that we deactivate it. It is true that, if we have an exaggerated amount of RAM such as 32 GB, then possibly we will never need it so we could save that hard disk space that you need.

RAM memory task manager

Even so, in the case of having a high amount of RAM memory, we can leave the virtual memory in 4 GB and nothing bad will happen, the system will have it available in case you ever need to use it. This will allow our system to always work more comfortably. We must not forget that Windows knows how to manage both RAM like virtual memory, so we can always give you the possibility to manage and use it when you deem it necessary.

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