Is it good to delete Windows temporary files? We answer you

We tell you all this because any problem related to the disks that we have installed on the PC can turn into a serious problem. It may be the case that for whatever reason these units are damaged, so we could lose everything saved here. Hence precisely the importance of backups that we have talked about so many times.

At the same time, another of the inconveniences that we can find in this same sense, is everything related to the available space. Because these units are not unlimited, far from it, so we must control the amount of content that we are storing in them. In fact, the operating system itself generates a series of its own files that we do not always download necessary. This, for example, can be found in the popular storms that we will talk about below.

These are files that it creates itself Windows 10 and that many users come to wonder if they should delete them, either manually or automatically. We precisely want to clarify this in these same lines.

Windows creates a folder where it stores the temporary ones

We must know that the system of Redmond It has a folder called Temp where it stores the temporary files of the system. Here, files are collected that create some of the installed applications. They generate these types of files to control that of users. To give us an idea, the Office programs create temporary so that we can recover documents in the future, for example.

The same happens when we are going to print something, so these files are used in many tasks. As we mentioned, these are stored in the same folder that over time can even occupy several gigabytes.

Delete unusable content to save space

But of course while those files can be useful while we use the programs that have created them, over time they become a drag. This means that little by little they are occupying more and more space in the disk drives, which is a problem. In the event that we never clean this Temp folder, it can sometimes occupy several gigabytes.

In fact, even the widely used Internet browsers in general, files of this type that over time are useless, they only take up space. At this point we can say that the best thing to do is delete the contents of this folder manually or even automate the process.

Delete temps automatically

At this point, the best we can do is to file that we have mentioned is automatically deleted from time to time. To achieve this we have to open the Settings application with the key combination Win + I and place ourselves in the System section. In the new window we look for the storage section where we click. Here we can activate the function called storage sensor that automatically frees space in Windows, including the temporary.

Storage sensor

In addition, if we click on the link that is located just below the selector, we can specify how often we want this automatic file cleaning to be carried out.

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