Is it possible that Fortnite reaches the App Store?

The famous video game Fortnite was removed from the App Store catalog in August 2020, after Epic Games decided to implement an alternative payment system to the official one established by Apple. The goal was to avoid the 30 percent commission that the Cupertino firm charges for all transactions made through the App Store.

After being removed from the catalog, Epic Games sued Apple for monopolistic practices. And, in response to this action, the Tim Cook-led company blocked its developer accounts for iOS and macOS, as well as the powerful Unreal Engine game engine. It is undoubtedly one of the most important technology battles on the scene, since it is about two of the technological giants of the moment. However, Apple made its position clear, assuring that until the legal resources are exhausted, they will not have any of the company’s games in their application store.

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For these reasons will not return

Tim Sweeney, CEO of the company responsible for Fortnite, received an official statement in which Apple clarifies that the game will not be published again in the App Store until all the resources of the judicial sentence are exhausted. Not being able to return to the App Store for five years means losing the opportunity to enter several million dollars, as well as causing fans of Fortnite, which still has a large community of followers, to stop waiting and definitely adopt other platforms to access to the game.

You will also have to watch to know if Apple will finally accept the sentence that forces to include links to external payment methods or if this decision will be appealed, which may be one of the causes that the legal battle will last several more years.

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However, there is a way you can play Fortnite, and surprisingly it’s thanks to Microsoft. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, the first thing you need is to have your own Microsoft account, and obviously an Apple device. In addition, you must have a high-speed and stable Internet connection. Basically all you have to do is from your iPhone or from your iPad access the Xbox cloud gaming site, called Xcloud, through the Safari browser and once you are inside, at the bottom of the Safari interface, You must click on the central icon that is a kind of square with an arrow pointing up.

After that, a lot of options will appear and you must select the “add to home screen” option. In this way you will have created a direct access on our iPhone or iPad to this page. Now you will simply have access to this Microsoft cloud gaming site page where you can start by following all the instructions that will appear on the screen. It is on this platform that you can play all the games that you will not find available on the App Store.

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