Is it possible to park well near the Apple Store?

Although today it is very common for purchases of electronic products to be made online and sent home for the convenience of buyers, there are still people who prefer to go to a physical store to buy their products. Many times you also have to go to a physical store to help you solve some problems that the devices may have. But parking near these stores is sometimes not very easy, in this post we explain some reasons.

It is known by all that Apple is a company that focuses a lot on its image and physical stores were not going to be less. Therefore, they have been able to take advantage of the opportunities in different cities around the world to set up shops at strategic points in the big capitals, such as in the center of the Louvre museum in Paris or on the famous Kurfürstendamm street in Berlin. Keep in mind that one of the negative points of being in such central locations is that, if you want to go in your own car, parking nearby is somewhat complicated.

We must also add that many of the main European capitals are advocating policies to care for the environment, so entering the city center by car may be prohibited. Keep this in mind if you have an old car and you want to take it to an Apple Store, because you may have to leave it parked outside the most central area of ​​the city.

Are all cases the same?

Of course, not all cases are the same. Depending on which Apple Store you want to go to, it will be more or less difficult for you to park. Keep in mind that most Apple Stores are located in the center of the counts, in areas frequented by tourists and with large influxes of people. For example, one of the Apple Stores in Madrid is located in the heart of Puerta del Sol, in the epicenter of the capital. Parking in that area is practically impossible, especially considering that there are certain cars that cannot enter the city center due to pollution. In Barcelona, ​​the main store is on Passeig de Gràcia, one of the most important streets in the city of Barcelona. The best way to get to these two stores is by public transport, since to park you will have to go a long way from the store and you may have to pay to park.

Apple Store Barcelona

Nevertheless, not all official stores are located in the city center, there are other Apple Stores that are located in shopping malls. In these cases it will be much easier for you to find parking in the parking lot of the shopping center itself, but if you wish you can also easily get there by public transport. The vast majority of shopping centers are located on the outskirts of the city, so if for some reason you cannot or do not want to park in the car park, you will most likely have a place to park outside without much problem.

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