Is it true that we will see a foldable iPhone this year?

Samsung and Huawei started as the pioneers, but the market for folding smartphones is growing. Or at least the amount of supply that there is, since the demand is not so clear in view of the high prices. In all this, many look to Manzana waiting to see if it joins this technology or not. Fading fashion or long-term innovation. Only time will tell, but in the meantime there are certainty that the Californian company is working on it.

Last year it was leaked that Apple had passed a testing process for two folding mobile prototypes. If we add to this the number of patents registered in these years around this technology, one could hope that sooner or later the company will end up launching such a device. But what is true about it? Will it be this year?

No, there will be no ‘iFold’ in 2022

Whatever the hypothetical name of the foldable iPhone, the truth is that it will not be seen this year. And while it is true that there can always be room for something unexpected, there is a very high probability that it is not now. Due to the information handled from the supply chain, and despite those who try to misinform, Apple does not have on its roadmap to launch a device with these characteristics in the short term.

In fact, it is known that this year there will be 5 new iPhones, starting with the third generation of the ‘SE’ that would arrive in the coming months and ending with the four new iPhones 14. Apart from this, new Mac, iPad, Apple Watch and even a first look at the company’s first mixed reality headset / headset, but not a device with a folding screen. In fact, the company’s screen suppliers are already more aware of other things.

We may never get to see it

We are not in the head of Tim Cook or other managers or workers close to the Apple leadership, but sources close to them have revealed that the company is closely watching the evolution of this trend. Beyond seeing still many drawbacks, especially at the visual and fragility level, he is trying to see if there is finally a good demand from the public.

As we said before, the market share of folding is now laughable. However, it is not possible to determine exactly if it is due to a lack of interest or because of the prices they have, which are usually higher than the premium range. It would be necessary to observe if one day, with this more democratized technology, users will definitely go for these terminals or continue to prefer the “classic” format. In any case, it does not seem that Apple will be the one who dares to launch that cheap folding.

Therefore, if you were expecting to see a folding with iOS, you better get rid of that idea. We can’t rule it out in the future, but 2022 won’t be the year and, if you hurry us, it might never even be.

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