Is it worth buying an external GPU to mine with a laptop?

Although due to the rise in the price of electricity and the cost of the few graphics cards that are in stock -both in stores and in the second-hand market-, it is increasingly less profitable to mine cryptocurrencies at a domestic level; However, it is still a common practice in many users and that arouses interest in many others, so what we are going to assess in this article is whether it is worth starting to mine cryptocurrencies using an external GPU, something that could happen to you head to users who do not have a desktop PC but do have a laptop.

Is it feasible to mine cryptocurrencies with an external GPU?

In reality, GPU cryptocurrency mining does not have high requirements in terms of CPU, storage or RAM, so any low-power equipment and of course laptops are perfect for doing this. Where there is a high requirement is precisely in terms of the graphics card, something that many laptops lack (in general, all except gaming with a dedicated GPU) and that makes them unfeasible to mine.

However, external GPUs change the face of the coin, because thanks to these devices we can turn laptops and low-power equipment into authentic gaming machines … and to mine cryptocurrencies if you want.

Therefore, and answering the question, it is feasible to mine cryptocurrencies using an external GPU connected to a laptop since the operating system detects the GPU as its own without any problem, although obviously the profitability of doing so will depend on many factors. and it is what we are going to assess now.

It can be done, but is it profitable to do it?

External CPU alienware

If mining is no longer as profitable as before in part because of the cost of graphics cards today, this should be added to the cost of external GPU boxes, which are not exactly cheap. For example, the Alienware model is priced at 399 euros, the Razer Core X costs 305 euros, and the AORUS models are not sold separately, only with the GPU already installed and, how could it be otherwise, no there is stock.

We are therefore talking about a considerable surcharge; Continuing with the examples, in the case of an RTX 3060 Ti and despite the fact that they have broken the NVIDIA limitation to mine, with current prices we are talking about 290 days just to make the investment profitable, so if you have to add the price of a cage for external GPU then this time can easily be extended to a year or even more.

So is it profitable? It depends on how you look at it … if you are willing to make the initial investment (we are talking of at least 1,000 euros or more) and you do not mind having the system running for more than a year until you see cost effectiveness, then yes it is profitable. Now, in these terms we would say that, although it is possible to mine with an external GPU, it is not profitable at all if we take into account the initial investment, the time it will take to recover it, and the wear and tear that these devices have. Well, let’s remember that neither laptops nor external GPUs are designed for 24 × 7 operation.

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