Is it worth buying the Xbox Series X controller to play on PC?

Using a gamepad when gaming on PC sounds almost heresy, but the lines between consoles and computers have long since blurred. Let’s not forget that with the exception of the Nintendo Switch, both Xbox and PlayStation today use PC hardware. Gone are the times where there were types of games designed for the computer and others for the console.

What’s new with the Xbox Series X controller?

We have to bear in mind that this controller is an incremental improvement of the Xbox One controller and with quite interesting improvements, the most visible being the change of the micro-USB connector for a USB-C that allows fast charging in the case that we use rechargeable batteries. And is that despite the fact that it comes standard with batteries, the useful life per charge is higher than that of the PlayStation controls. The other novelty is an additional button called “Share”, which on new generation Xbox consoles allows us to directly share the games in real time via streaming, a function that can only be used on Xbox consoles.

Therefore, the new controller does not offer new features compared to what was previously on the market except for fast charging of the batteries. And this is extremely disappointing, especially when we consider that the new controller is priced higher, which makes it a disappointment.

Worth? If you need a conventional control knob to play on PC, our answer is yes. It is 100% compatible with all PC games and fast charging you will always appreciate. Of course, make sure you buy a good rechargeable battery pack, as you will always appreciate it.

Microsoft will surely release a more advanced driver

PS5 vs Xbox controllers

If we compare the gamepads of the new generation consoles we will see that the Xbox Series X controller is quite disappointing if we take into account the capabilities of the DualSense. For example, we miss the adaptive triggers, which depending on the situation offer resistance when pressed. A system very similar to that of the steering wheel pedals, not to mention advanced vibration, which combines the operation of a loudspeaker with that of a vibration motor.

Many games in their version for PS5 are adapting these technologies and not only those exclusive to SONY, but also multiplatform games that in the PC version could benefit from these functions if there was a controller with the functions that the DualSense has. Of course, Xbox would also benefit.

And why do we say that Microsoft released a new controller for the Xbox Series? The explanation for this is simple, they have patents on it and they are not proprietary SONY technologies. So it would not cost them anything to launch a response to the DualSense later. Let’s not forget that they released a mid-generation revision to add Bluetooth, so we shouldn’t be surprised by such a future update.

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