Is it worth buying VPN hardware to protect your privacy?

The acronym VPN stands for Virtual Private Network or Red Virtual Privada in Spanish. In recent times you will have heard a lot about applications of this type through the invasive advertising of many Twitch and YouTube channels. However, this time we will not introduce a type of application, but a piece of hardware that performs the same function. What are hardware VPNs? Are they recommended for the average user? Let’s answer these answers.

The regionalization of the content that is broadcast on streaming platforms has meant that we cannot watch many series and movies in our country due to existing distribution and broadcast agreements. However, if you are one of those who prefers to watch the content in its original version, either to practice the language or because you hate the dubbing here, then a hardware VPN is the best solution.

What is a hardware VPN?

It is an independent device to which we connect our PC and that allows us to privately access a private network from outside. In the case of hardware VPN, this have its own processor and memory and usually supporting functions built into it such as cryptography and data encryption.

The key to VPNs is precisely the secure encryption of data and informationthe big difference is that by doing it on a separate device instead of our computer’s processor, we not only free it from that task, but also it is much more secure than its software counterpartsince the process is performed away from the operating system and therefore It escapes a good part of the malicious applications.

In terms of computer security, hardware VPNs add additional firewall functionality. So they are ideal if you work in a company that has to take care of its customers’ data. Nor can we forget that they offer the ability to mask the IP and access content on the Internet that is banned in the country in which you live.

What do I need to have hardware VPN at home?

At the home user level, it is enough that our internet router supports VPN hardware, not all brands do, however, there are some brands that do offer this service and they are the following:

  • ASUS.
  • AVM FRITZ!Box.
  • D Link.
  • Edimax.
  • Synology.
  • QNAP.
  • Tp link

In any case, read the technical specifications before changing your router to find out if the model you are going to buy and in many cases you will have to enter the device options to configure it. However, once you have done it, you won’t have to worry and you will be able to enjoy the virtues of masking your IP.

Are they better than software solutions?

Let’s be direct with the answer, most software VPN services are advertised as applications that are in direct contact with a third party provider in exchange for a payment. In the event that the service is free, then be suspicious, since nothing is free and possibly they are taking your data to finance themselves. Perhaps they do not have the bad intention of using them for certain purposes, however, many of these companies are part of countries where political freedom is conspicuous by its absence. For that point alone they are much better, apart from the fact that you will not depend on paying a monthly fee in many cases.

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