Is it worth continuing to pay for Amazon Prime?

The Amazon Prime price hike It has left many out of the game. It is not for less. It is a significant increase in the fee that was paid and this must have provoked the million dollar question in more than one: is it still worth it or do I unsubscribe? Well, we are going to review everything (absolutely everything) that this service offers (including its entertainment options that we have talked about so many times) so that you have a better perspective of the service and then choose accordingly. And it is certain that more than one does not know everything you can see or do through your subscription. Look at this.

More than just a flat shipping rate

We don’t have official data but we risk the keyboard and the mouse that 99% of those who subscribe to Prime they do so motivated by their flat rate on shipping costs. Amazon has become our easy outlet for everything and the same we buy a Smart TV, an exfoliating cream or a swimsuit that we make the purchase to receive it the same day at home. The electronics giant has such a large warehouse that it offers an immediate service, satisfying the needs of its customers in record time.

By the time you make several orders a year, the Prime subscription already pays off, since you save a good amount of money on each shipment, with the added bonus of have it home the next day in the vast majority of cases. But that’s not the only advantage of Amazon Prime. If you subscribe to the service, you also have access to:

  • Prime Video: every week we tell you the most relevant releases of the platform so you will already be more than aware of all the new content that the platform offers. Original series (remember that the new Lord of the Rings will be released here shortly), movies and documentaries that open up a wide range of possibilities for entertainment.
  • Amazon Music: With your account you have access to more than 2 million songs that you can listen to offline and with unlimited skips. It’s not Spotify (for that you already have the Amazon Music Unlimited service) but it does quite the job.
  • Prime Reading: a free bar of books that you can access from the face thanks to your Prime subscription. If it has the “Prime” icon in the upper right corner, you have it in full and free to read wherever you want.
  • Photos: Yes, with your subscription you have unlimited storage of photos without lowering the resolution or quality, thus allowing you to keep them safe and free up space on your mobile.
  • priority access: in events such as Prime Day or Black Friday you can have early access to many offers, so you make sure they don’t take them away.
  • Twitch Prime: access to exclusive content for video games every month, subscriptions to Twitch channels and other benefits within the platform.
  • AmazonFresh: if you make the purchase at their supermarket, you can receive it in the 2-hour slot you prefer (in Madrid, Barcelona and surroundings).
  • Prime Gaming: access free games from Prime Gaming.

When will Prime price go up?

After reading all the advantages of a Prime subscription, you will see that, despite the rise, still quite worth it. Not only because you save on shipping costs if you are a regular buyer, but because of the many additional benefits such as free music, series, cloud storage, among others.

Until now, the subscription cost was 3.99 euros per month or 36 euros per year (which was equivalent to 3 euros per month). After the price increase, which will become effective on September 15, the monthly payment will be 4.99 euros or 49.90 euros per year (it will be equivalent to about 4.15 euros per month). Despite the increase in the share, Spain continues to be one of the countries where the least is paid for the subscription (in Germany, for example, it is practically double).

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