Is it worth downloading the iOS 16 beta?

As we announced a few days ago, Apple launched the fourth beta version of the new version of iOS and quite a few users have already wanted to try it on their mobile devices. However, not everyone is happy with this test version, because, like all betas, it can have bugs. In this post we will tell you if this new trial version is worth it.

In the presentation of this version of iOS, it was announced that there would be some iPhone models (those prior to the iPhone XS) that would no longer be able to enjoy the advantages of the new operating system. And it is that this is a fairly common formula to encourage users with older terminals to decide to buy a more recent model.

Another common thing that happens with updates is that the betas have some bugs. As the name suggests, they are trial versions, so the Cupertino company launches them to find out what they need to improve on before releasing the final version. If you are thinking of downloading this version, we leave you with a list of some bugs seen after several days of use.

Possible bugs to be aware of

  • Unusual heating of the iPhone battery: It is one of the most repeated failures among users. It may not seem like much, but it is quite uncomfortable if you have to suffer it. And it is that the high temperatures that have occurred in recent weeks have not favored this ruling at all. Also, as you already know, heat is one of the biggest enemies for the battery of any phone.
  • Very short battery: and it is that the extreme heating of the iPhone makes the battery last less time. It goes from charging the device once a day to doing it twice and even three. It’s possibly the biggest issue Apple needs to fix by the time the official update comes out.

  • Apps that run non-stop for hours: this fault can only be seen in the battery usage statistics. If you access them, you can see that there are apps that you only use a couple of hours a day, but that are running more than ten hours in the background. Another reason why the battery lasts so little with this new beta from Apple.
  • Stability bugs in some applications: a more than usual failure in this type of update, so keep it in mind if you want to download the trial version. Some apps may not work as usual, or may even crash. If there is an application that you use regularly for your daily tasks or activities, think twice about downloading this beta.
  • Stability issues in the operating system: Like what we just discussed, it is quite common in this type of test. Keep in mind that if you use any of the iPhone’s accessibility options for your day-to-day, it is recommended that you wait for a more stable version, either the definitive one or a more polished beta.

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