Is it worth hiring Apple One?

During 2020, the release of Apple One was announced, which is a combination of various Apple services at a single price. This set of subscriptions includes Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade and iCloud storage space with a unified price, but is it worth buying this pack? In this post we clarify it for you.

Some have seen Apple One as the perfect formula to unify the main Apple services. However, there are those who are not very much in agreement with this unification because there are certain services that are included that may not be used as much, so it can turn off a potential subscriber. If you are not convinced by this plan, you have a free trial month if you have not used it yet. This new offer brought with it new opportunities for users. Many of the users were already paying a certain amount of money to Apple on a regular basis for cloud storage or its streaming services. With Apple One, everything becomes much easierand maybe even cheaper, depending on the relationship of each one with the Apple ecosystem.

Not all countries have access to the same “tiers” of Apple One. Since some services are not yet available outside of regions like the United States, only these have access to the so-called Premiere package, which includes Fitness+ and News+. However, it is still an equally attractive formula, especially in the family tier.

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Advantages you get by unifying services

In many cases, the grace of switching to Apple One does not lie so much in economic savings, but in the amount of services that you can have at your fingertips for a price similar to that of paying, for example, iTunes and iCloud. If you share this package thanks to its family subscription, you end up paying practically the same as if you shared iTunes, but this time you will have access to Apple TV + and Apple Arcade, so for the same or similar price you have two more services.

Another advantage is that Apple One will unite the Apple ecosystem even more. By having the services so integrated with the products, you will have the feeling that before you were not getting so much out of them until you have contracted the complete package. Surely, you would not have contracted all the services that are included in the package separately. By having access to services that you did not have before, you will probably use them quite regularly, so you can win. If, on the other hand, you are not convinced, you can always cancel it to return to the plan you previously had.

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If you want to switch to Apple One, you have to know that sometimes the transitions can be a bit complex, not because the package did not work, but because Apple had some problem with the payments, but nothing that cannot be fixed with calls or a appointment with the technical service. The change process itself is very simple, you just have to choose the Apple One package you want (individual or family), among which there are only differences in iCloud space and the option to share Apple One with up to five other people.

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