Is it worth paying a lot for a WiFi socket? This you should know

Cheap vs Expensive Smart Plugs

The uses of smart plugs They are varied. For example, we can use them to control devices remotely. You can connect a stove, a fan or any other device and, without having to be at home, turn them on or off with your mobile. We can also schedule the ignition at a certain time.

In addition, another common use is to be able control these devices with your voice. For this it is necessary that they are compatible with Google Home or Alexa, for example. This allows us to issue voice commands and turn on devices or lights. There are even models that tell us in real time how much a connected device consumes.

But are there differences between cheap and expensive smart plugs? Is it worth paying much more? This debate can arise when we start to make our home smart and we see that we need to buy several plugs. Perhaps if it were just one it would not matter more, but when we are going to buy many the savings can be significant.

In general terms we can say that the objective of these plugs is the same, but not their operation. This means that it is possible that we find a plug with Wi-Fi of low quality and do not allow to see the consumption of an oven, for example, since it does not have the capacity for such a powerful appliance. Likewise, we could have problems controlling a device by voice or having more functions through its application.

Therefore, there may be differences between a more expensive model with better features, compared to a cheaper one that is more basic. But that does not necessarily mean that one is going to be safer or we are going to have fewer problems.

Smart plug with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

Choosing the right plug with Wi-Fi is key

Regardless of whether you buy a more expensive or a cheaper plug, it is important that you make sure that you buy one that is guaranteed. You can buy a very expensive model, but be insecure; also buy a very cheap one, but be reliable. What can you do to find out? Something important is to buy a recognized brand, on a reliable site, but also to read comments from other users.

If, for example, you buy an obsolete model, which may have vulnerabilities, it could affect performance and even your security. It is essential to always use home automation devices that work well, but that offer guarantees in terms of security. Do not make mistakes in this regard.

You should also choose very well in terms of features. That will also help you to know if it is really worth paying more money or if you are going to get the same with a cheaper one. Think carefully about the characteristics that interest you. It could even cause the internet to go bad when connecting a device and should be avoided.

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