Is it worth unblocking downloads in Firefox and Chrome?

When we sit in front of a PC, one of the first programs we start up today is our favorite web browser. Let’s talk about Chrome, Firefox or Edge, among others, we have these applications running most of the time. How could it be otherwise, the security functions that are implemented in this type of software, is increasing, such as blocking downloads.

The reason for this is quite simple, and that is that cyber criminals are on the lookout for our personal data from the minute we connect to Internet. To all the precautions that we ourselves must take when browsing, these browsers that we are talking about also help us. For all this they put at our disposal a series of specific functions that protect them against possible external attacks.

What we must bear in mind at the same time is that sometimes these functions, such as blocking downloads, damage our experience with the program. Precisely for this reason, on many occasions, software developers also allow us to customize the security levels that we want to use. For example, this is something that happens with the aforementioned download blocking. As you can imagine, this is carried out so that we cannot download potentially dangerous or malicious files.

However, as happens on so many occasions and in most programs, web browsers are not infallible. therefore they can make errors both related to their functionality, as well as to the safety. At this point many may wonder if it is worth disabling this download block that we are talking about, let’s see what the pros and cons of it are.

A more vulnerable browser without download blocking

As we tell you, this is a functionality that is implemented in most of the current browsers. But at the same time it is something that we have the possibility to deactivate if we wish. In the event that we make that decision, we must take into consideration that the program itself will become more vulnerable to possible attacks.

And it is that these can arrive at any moment through malicious files that we download online thinking that they are legal.

Our team’s data is at risk

By deactivating this download block that we have been talking about, we no longer only put the browser and the data stored in it at risk. At the same time, the potential attack can affect the rest of the files and folders that we have stored in the disk drives of the PC.

With this, what we really want to tell you is that it is up to each one of us to make the decision to deactivate this functionality. Keep in mind that many computer criminals are lurking through this way to access our computer.

We avoid false positives in downloads

But of course given the dangers that we could find with this decision, not everything was going to be disadvantages. In fact there are many users who use this deactivation of the security function to have greater control over their downloads. To say that the main reason for all this is given in order to avoid false positives of malware that sometimes blocks certain files.

At this point we could say that the best decision in this regard is to take a middle road. With this, what we mean is that it is advisable to deactivate the download blocking as long as we are sure that the file to download is 100% reliable. Once we have it in our possession, we reactivate the blockade and thus we do not take future risks.

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