Is it worth using Firefox ESR on a daily basis?

Although it is true that it is not in its best days, Firefox is one of the most important web browsers in the computing sector. This ranks third in the ranking of the most used browsers, behind Chrome and Edge, and thanks to it we can browse with greater privacy and using open source software. As with any program, it is important to have this software always up to date, in order to navigate safely and with the latest technology. But what about the ESR version of Firefoxwhich is usually quite behind the latest stable version?

every few weeks, firefox launches a new version of your browser, with changes, corrections and new features. All users who have this browser installed will update automatically in order to always be up to date. Everyone except those who use Firefox ESR.

What is Firefox ESR

The “Extended Support Release” is a special version of the browser that stands out for having extended support. Users of this version usually receive new updates at the same time as users of the stable version of Firefox. However, instead of including all changes, they only receive bug fixes and security patches. Nothing more.

So so, every 10-13 updates, a new ESR usually arrives. With the arrival of a certain version of Firefox, its ESR is released, if applicable. From there, a new maintenance cycle begins that, as we mentioned, lasts between 10 and 13 conventional versions of the program. This means that, from that moment on, new stable versions are released, but the ESR is maintained until the next cycle.

In this way, in the next ESR, all the changes and all the new features implemented in the stable browser throughout the entire cycle are included.

Reasons to use (or not) this version at home

Firefox ESR is a version of the browser oriented especially for companies. Sacrifice the novelties of this in exchange for offering fast, easy and secure updates, and, first and foremost, the stability and security of the browser.

Can we use this browser at home? Of course, without problems. And it will behave just like it does in a company. But we will be turning our backs on the improvements that Mozilla usually releases with each update. For example, if you implement a security and privacy feature that interests us, until the next ESR we won’t have it between us. And it can take a year.

In addition, this version has access to system policies, designed for companies, to which the normal version of the browser does not have access and, therefore, we do not need.

Therefore, we must choose. What is more important to us? Stability, or novelty? For personal use, at home, it is much better to be up to date, since that does not mean that the browser will not work badly. Only for companies, where stability and security are essential aspects, this version is recommended.

Now, if you want to try it, it is also a completely free, open source version, and we can download it from the Firefox for Business website.

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