Is Kojima going to stand up for PlayStation?

At the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 held a few weeks ago, all kinds of news were expected around some North American franchises that they had starred in bad news in recent timesas the delay of red fall Y Starfield until the first half of 2023, but the truth is that little was heard about any specific announcement of those that we could consider as game changing. You know, when suddenly the pieces on the board change everything.

Hideo Kojima, the great asset

It had to be Phil Spencer who decided to go on stage to make such an announcement. neither more nor less than the arrival of Hideo Kojima to the Microsoft ecosystem, because we can not say that it will work exclusively for Xbox. Nothing was mentioned about that, but about taking advantage of the technological power of the Americans in the cloud, that is, of their Xbox Gaming Cloud, previously known as xCloud, and which allows us to enjoy Game games from any device with a screen and the internet. Pass and many other sources.

That point put a little water in the wine because the most optimistic expected directly that what it was about was a collaboration to use, with a title on the table capable of surprising us at the same level as it did in November 2019 on PlayStation 4 with Death Stranding. The same ends up being something similar, but of course the way to focus it on the digital event on June 12 It does not give the feeling that the shots go there.

From Sony to Microsoft?

We all know the one who is one of the last myths that video games have and who have behind him a legion of followers who love him or hate him. Especially the games it develops. And it is that after his independence from Konami, leaving after a more than discreet Metal Gear Solid V, the path of the Japanese has been plagued by rumors and speculation.

For months after the release of Death Stranding it was rumored that he might be working on bringing back an old idea for a horror game, which could very well be a new one Silent Hilland even that your company, Kojima Productions could end up acquired by Sony as one more response to the voracity shown by Microsoft, first, with the purchase of Bethesda and, later, with that of Activision-Blizzard.

In any case, good old Hideo has wanted to calm the waters and has tried to reason with the many users who were already asking for his head for reaching out to the enemy. And it is that many users called the genius a traitor after his agreement with Microsoft, assuming that the Japanese would not work with PlayStation again from now on. But not. Kojima has confirmed that he will continue to work in the same way that he has been doing so far, since the relationship with Sony continues and will continue to be as good as before, so there will be no need to fear any possible break in relations between the two firms. .

Be that as it may, we already know that the first job that the Japanese is going to do will be hand in hand with Microsoft, with a «brand new experience never seen before“, Or what is the same, an experience with “a new franchise never seen before”. So from here on everything is speculation and the start of a countdown that could last for years. Remember that we are facing an official announcement and that from now on the hardest part is coming, which is waiting until someone sets a release date and it is fulfilled. What if we set a deadline to be able to play it in 2024 at the earliest, or 2025 in the worst case?

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