Is Netflix stealing Christmas from the kids with this movie?

Nothing more typical in these dates than to sit down one quiet afternoon with the little ones to enjoy a movie for the whole family, but what if suddenly, after selecting a tape with these characteristics, you find that the story it’s not exactly for kids? That is just what many indignant parents are warning by social networks after being surprised by the content of a title of Netflix listed “for the whole family.”

What movie is it?

In case you don’t want to see yourself in a situation like the one we just described above, write down the title and burn it into your memory. The Ribbon of Discord is David and the elves and it is currently in the Netflix Spain catalog. It is a film of just under 2 hours that was released relatively recently on the platform and that deals with the star theme of the moment: Christmas.

In the film, an elf, fed up and overwhelmed by his work as a gift delivery man, decides to flee to the real world to try to live the magic of Christmas with the help of his new friend, an 11-year-old boy. It is a Polish title, co-produced by Netflix, that would go down to posterity as a christmas movie more if it weren’t for the message that it deals with at certain points in the plot and that could create a whole Christmas crisis in more than one family … just like many parents outraged is warning right now on social media.

Complaints on Twitter

There are already several messages that accumulate on Twitter complaining about the content of this film. And it is that many parents consider that content is “not suitable for children”, since at various times it is said that neither Santa Claus nor the Tooth Fairy exist. This could create a clear confusion in the little ones (or perhaps in those who are gradually emerging from the blessed innocence that characterizes us as children), not being to the liking of many families.

Many users of the blue bird social network have decided to warn about it so that other parents are warned before seeing it (or if they prefer, give up doing it):

This is just a selection of messages and a sample of the parents who are at the moment asking for explanations to Netflix. The content service has not made any statement in this regard and has not moved the film around, so that at the time of this writing, the film continues to appear cataloged within the genres of “Family Movies” and “Movies for the whole family”. It’s more, David and the Elves It appears in the Top 10 of the most viewed children’s films, so that it is also a claim to see as soon as you access the platform.

We’ll see if these complaints succeed and the red N reacts or if a parent ends up setting fire to their TV after ruining Christmas.

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