Is now a good time to buy AirPods?

Starting the year with AirPods is something that, right off the bat, is very appealing. However, the doubt looms if we look at their prices or analyze if they are close to being renewed, since the rumors are sometimes certainly confusing. But let’s get rid of doubts and, based on their sales, let’s analyze to what extent the headphones are worth or not.

For this we are going to look at Amazon, who have immediate availability of them, being able to make shipments for the next day. In addition to offering full guarantees that they are new and original when sold via Apple. For this they also have 3 year warranty as required by law since January 1.

Note: the prices that appear in the banners could not coincide due to a strange technical configuration foreign to us. In any case, the prices marked in the writing of the text do coincide.

AirPods 2, a priori, the least interesting

The second generation AirPods have not stopped being sold officially even with the departure of the third generation. They remain high-quality headphones that deliver on what was promised, offering good sound quality, autonomy and compatibility. And while it is true that they are the cheapest, at the moment we do not find great offers for them.

We can find the version whose case can be charged wirelessly at 179 euros on Amazon. A price that may even seem interesting. However, its difference with its successors is very little and perhaps that is why we cannot recommend them so much, since at the sound and battery level considerable improvements are noticed in the new ones.

AirPods 3, not very discounted, but always interesting

These are the latest apple headphones. In addition to a renewed design, they include a case with the ability to charge wirelessly even with MagSafe chargers. His battery increased until 6 hours uninterrupted and at the level of sound we find interesting functions like an adaptive equalization.

AirPods 3 on the bench

Its price, yes, is not too low. For 194 euros you can get them, being 5 euros less than in Apple. No, it is not the sale of the century nor is it going to mean a considerable saving, but hey… As the saying goes, less gives a stone. In any case, it is likely that at some point they will drop more in price.

AirPods Pro, the best in quality-price

Although this range is the only one that a priori would be renewed this year, it does not seem that it will be until September at least. If we add to this that they will continue to be good headphones and have a good price, your purchase is not a bad idea. They have an excellent Noise Cancellation as the main feature, in addition to a balanced sound, compatibility with Dolby Atmos and Spatial Audio.

airpods pro magsafe

Its price is not the lowest we have found on Amazon, but seeing as it has not dropped too much lately, now would be a good time. They are sold for 235 euros, which is 44 euros discount with respect to what Apple brand. And here, considering its quality, we do consider it a great discount.

AirPods Max, the best and most expensive, but discounted

Little we are going to discover now of this range that is the highest as far as Apple headphones are concerned. Headband format, high quality materials, one of the top noise cancellations from the market, excellent sound quality Y autonomy left over for many hours of intensive use.

AirPods Max opinion user experience review

Its price of 629 euros, despite being more or less justified, tends to back off many. However, Amazon sells them with up to 125 euros discount depending on the color you choose. Yes, they are still expensive headphones, but it is an unusual reduction and considering that they are not expected to be renewed, it is not a bad idea to get one.

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