Is Papers Please one of the best games of the last decade?

An unreliable dictatorial country

Situated in a country as strange as it was invented and known by the name of Arstotzka, Papers Please It’s one of the coolest ideas we’ve ever seen associated with a video game. And not only because of its truly original mechanics, but also because of how he manages to get us into the story with a graphic aspect that is completely less realisticand in a story that oozes those old spy stories from the Cold War.

It was in August 2013 when the game first came to PC, to Steam, and it soon became clear that it had done so to establish a chair and continue its journey through the platforms of the time: from computers jumped to tablets, both Apple iPads and Android models, strangely leaving out all smartphones. Surely the display settings were to blame, but over time even that was fixed, which happened in August 2022 when Papers Please finally landed on all iPhones and Android phones, so the circle was completely closed.

But why Papers Please is such a strenuous experience for everyone who has tried it? Well, basically that is due to how vigilant we are going to have to be from our office in Grestin, as member recently arrived at the border post on behalf of the Ministry of Admissions.

Papers Please.

You pass, you don’t pass…

That is, as it is, the objective of the game. Analyze each person who appears before us with your documentation and decide in a few seconds if it is in order or not. Even if that profile is wanted for the security of the country because it is some kind of enemy of the revolution. And that task, which you may think is simple, is not, because there are countless details that we have to look at from one side to the other.

For example if the origin is from other friendly or enemy states. If you have all the visas in order, if the dates match what you tell us, if you have been in our country before and when, if you look like one of those who have alerted us that they are looking for or if They want to sneak it into us by putting some lie that we have to discover. And the problem with failing is not only that we endanger our country, but that our work is at stake and we can end up fired and… deported!

Papers Please It is one of those games that the years do not pass through, that we understand that you know because its decade of life has allowed it to always remain among the favorites of the players although, if you have not been lucky enough to deal with it, do not hesitate and give it a try. an opportunity. You will find few titles as absorbing and entertaining.

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