Is PcComponentes the cheapest online hardware store?

Online commerce has changed the way of buying for most users, where before we went to the mall or a large chain. The convenience of shopping from home has many advantages, such as taking advantage of the great competition in the online sector to find better prices and be able to buy quickly from several e-commerce. In the hardware and components sector we have many stores, including PcComponentes, which stood out at the time for having great prices that swept the market. But is this still the case? Is PcComponentes the cheapest hardware online store?

The large online sales portals of any sector are analyzed to the minute -and even the second- among themselves. The competition in online sales is enormous and everyone wants to take the customer, and this has happened since the beginning of its normalization as a growing business among the population, causing many online stores to compete on price, even to burst the market downward. Currently and among the “big” in the sector they invest real fortunes in comparative technologies to automatically match the price between them and have a clear market profile; they have the algorithms working at full blast.

PcComponentes, the cheapest hardware online store?


This question can be answered with a simple yes or no. Well obviously you can’t, there are many factors that come into play and you always have to compare, and it depends if we are talking about mobile phones, televisions, graphics cards, processors or blenders. All this has its margin and different sales channel.

That PcComponents is a titan as an online portal for the sale of electronic products in Spain is obvious and something that no one can doubt. In 2018 they had the goal of exceeding 400 million euros, they entered 2020 exceeding 640 million euros in turnover, which for a Online store It gives a lot of room for maneuver to be able to negotiate with manufacturers, distributors and importers and puts it very face to face to be able to compete against Amazon Spain.

There are also other online stores that, although their billing level is much lower, can manage to offer the same prices -although not the same profit margin- in a certain way and even with a free market, the brands -we talk about hardware at all times – recommend a MSRP and a fair play between the distribution to maintain some PVP within some margins; This causes or promotes that the variation in prices between businesses facing the public is not so great between giants and small stores. Knowing this as a base, let’s see how PcComponentes is in terms of hardware and prices.

Comparing some components

Graphic online stores

Focusing on the pc components, and if we compare PcComponentes with other online stores selling hardware, the truth is that the Murcian online store has one of the most competitive prices in the sector, even with little margin in general if we compare the pieces that can go inside a mid-range gaming equipment. It could be profitable to buy it all together in PcComponentes, but it is worth highlighting some points about this: PcComponentes as well as amazon has a Marketplace, where other businesses can display their products and prices for sale. This can lead to confusion if the person who consults is not very avid and pays attention to the detail, that perhaps the consulted component is not sold by the store, but by another business through it, as is the case with Amazon.

Putting Amazon against PcComponentes, the truth is that their differences in prices are very small margins of just 2 or 3% in general, at the most. It is true that, yes PcComponentes lowers a price, after a few minutes you can see that the same item on Amazon is equalized downwards. Causing the store to not exist “with the lowest price”. But there are always exceptions in specific products and at specific times.

Separate price, in the e-commerce murcian you can find very good prices whatever you are looking for, but we always invite you to review, compare and not only in price, but also in after-sales service, but that is for another article.

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