Is something already known about the iPhone 14? Oddly enough, yeah

Although a little less than a year is missing for its coming-out, Apple has been working on its 2022 iPhone for months. The presumable “iPhone 14” have not reached their splendor as far as leaks of their characteristics are concerned, but we can already know some details regarding its design that sound less interesting.

Two sizes only and, final goodbye to the ‘notch’?

In 2020, Apple launched four phones of the same generation for the first time with the ’12 mini ‘,’ 12 ‘, ’12 Pro’ and ’12 Pro Max ‘models. These featured 5.4-inch panels for the first, 6.1 for the next two, and 6.7 for the last. This formula has been repeated this year with the ’13’, although according to different analysts for months, the size of the iPhone will vary next year.

It will be said goodbye to the ‘mini’ range, which despite not being the least sold as some have misinformed, has not met all expectations and more in view of the fact that the iPhone SE will also be renewed in 2022 occupying that space of compact device. Of course, despite this there will still be four new iPhones which would come in two sizes:

  • iPhone 14: 6.1 inch
  • iPhone 14 Max: 6.7 inch
  • iPhone 14 Pro: 6.1 inch
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max: 6.7 inch

The theme of naming this is a separate case, since there could be variations with the intention of not messing up users. Functionally they would continue to be two different ranges, with the ’14’ and ’14 Max ‘focused on the majority public and with the two’ Pro ‘models aimed at the most demanding. A good way in which Apple would also satisfy the wishes of those who want large phones, but the price of the ‘Pro Max’ is too much for them in addition to not taking advantage of all its features.

A little less credibility has the fact that, at least the ‘Pro’ models, they would remove the notch in favor of a hole in the screen. Not because various sources have not commented on it, but because it would be strange that Apple has reduced the notch this year and next year it will load it, making more sense to have waited to eliminate it permanently. Not to mention how strange it seems that they have already managed to create a Face ID under the screen just as efficient as the current one, since eliminating it would be a move that is not typical of the company.

From January the rumors will intensify

Obviously knowing the sizes of the devices and that dubious rumor about its front seem scarce. And they are. However, it will be at the beginning of next year, just when the company closes its development, when more relevant news can be filtered. In fact, in recent years it has been the month in which the design has been practically fully known.

And all this in spite of the Californian firm, which in recent years has turned to trying to stop this type of leakage in the hunt for a possible mole within Apple Park itself. Something that, in view of what happened with the iPhone 13, did not work.

The cover image was originally created by MacRumors

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