Is sport your passion? Try these extensions for Chrome

And today, Google Chrome continues to be the undisputed leader in the web browser market. And thanks to its wide catalog of extensions we can always find one that adapts to what we need at all times. Therefore, within the Chrome Web Store, we can find sports extensions that can be very useful.

Sports extensions to install on Google Chrome

Next, we are going to see a series of extensions for our Chrome browser, aimed at following the news of the most popular sports disciplines. All of them are free, so we can install and test them to see which one is more useful for us.

Extensions for soccer lovers

For all those soccer fans, both national and international, you can enjoy extensions with which to follow the results of the different local and international competitions.

New tab of International Football, follow the King sport around the world

For those passionate about Rey sport, we can install this tab for Chrome that will allow us to closely follow the latest news, results and rankings from soccer around the world. The extension offers real-time updates of more than ten professional soccer leagues and tournaments.

We will be able to keep abreast of the most important news that are happening, both related to games, teams and players. We will also have available all the personalized content of the leagues and tournaments that we are following. In addition, we will have quick links to both results, as well as videos of the summaries of the matches and classifications.

Playerline News
Playerline News, news about football and sports in general

One of the most important newspapers in Argentina is Olé. With this extension we can follow all the sports news from both Argentina and the rest of the world. In this application we will find news of any of thes most popular sports worldwide such as national and international soccer, basketball, tennis and motor racing among others.

Olé extension

Thanks to this extension we can follow all kinds of news in a comfortable way without having to load any web page, so it is really how to stay informed at all times.

Abolute Radio Live Scores, for lovers of the English league

For lovers of football in general and the English league in particular, the Absolute Radio live Scores extension should not be missing in our Chrome browser. From there we will have access with a simple click to the latest matches of the Barclays Premier League, the FA Cup, the League Cup, the Champions League and the Europa League, along with their corresponding classifications.

Absolute Radio Live Scores

The extension has an easy-to-use interface, even though it is in English. In it we can see the match results with minute-by-minute updates. This will allow us to follow the matches and results of each week in a comfortable way. In addition, we can establish a default link which will give us instant access to the information that interests us the most.

Absolute Radio Live Scores
Absolute Radio Live Scores

Basketball news extensions

If basketball is our passion, these extensions will allow us to be aware of everything that happens in the best league in the world, the NBA. Live matches and results, as well as player statistics will not be lacking.

Enhanced ESPN NBA box score, all about the NBA

Follower of the best basketball league in the world? Then the Enhanced ESPN NBA box score extension cannot be missing from your Chrome browser. With her we will be able follow NBA games and results, as well as other American competitions related to the sport of the basket. By clicking on the extension, the calendar with the matches that are being played on the day, the results of the past days, and the next matches to be played will appear.

Enhanced ESPN NBA box score

If you are interested in a specific match, we can click on it to take us to the extension’s website. There we will see individual player statistics once the game has finished. It also shows team stats such as two and three shots, turnovers, etc. Plus, it works for the NCAA too.

Enhanced ESPN NBA box score
Enhanced ESPN NBA box score

Playerline, for American sports fans

For lovers of American sports we have the Playerline extension. With it we can access all our favorite notifications about the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB from a single application. It has full player profiles with bios, videos and breaking news.


It also provides statistics and news for each player in real time. It is available both as an extension for Chrome and as an application for Android and iOS. Of course, all its content is in English.

Playerline News
Playerline News

Extensions for runners and cyclists

On this occasion, these extensions are aimed at people who practice sports such as cycling or who are regular runners, and who like to share their statistics on a social network like Strava.

Sauce for Strava, improves power in sports

The Sauce extension is an open source plugin for the website. Strava is a social network based on the Internet and GPS and is focused on athletes such as cyclists and runners. In this extension we will find information on how improve our potency in cycling and during races.

Sauce for strava

Among its characteristics, it stands out for having a critical power table for cycling-related activities, as well as a table to obtain the best rhythm in running activities. It also provides TSS calculations, rider weight display, and VAM calculations for bike climbs.

Sauce for Strava ™
Sauce for Strava ™

Elevate for Strava, track fitness

If we want to improve our experience and goals like Strava, this extension will allow us to track our physical condition, as well as our progression over time, analyzing in depth our activities. With the Elevate extension it takes care of adding features that cyclists and runners have proposed.

Elevate for Strava

In addition to the free version, it also has Strava Premium, which is responsible for adding additional functions to get the best experience for its users.

Elevate for Strava
Elevate for Strava

Which extension for Chrome to choose?

The extensions that we have seen are all aimed at sports lovers. Either to know the information related to football and basketball for those who like cycling and want to share their statistics and results. According to our interests we must choose one or the other. Of course, always with caution since abuse in the installation of extensions can cause performance problems in our Chrome browser.

If we are especially interested in being aware of sports news in general, the option may be the most interesting, since although it is focused especially on Argentina, it also has news of an international nature, so we can be aware of them without having to load any web.

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