Is Tesla going to launch a headset?

We all thought that Tesla’s great move for this 2022 would be its new Tesla Roadster, the second generation of the electric sports car that promises a 0 to 100 in 2.1 seconds and a maximum speed of 400 per hour. And surely, that car will be the best they launch on the market this year. However, one filtration invites us to think that it is possible that this year you can buy a Tesla hot product without having to mortgage you for a decade.

Tesla’s new thing could be audio equipment

Everything indicates that Tesla wants to expand its horizons a bit. As we have been able to know through a publication of the media Electrek, Tesla has asked the regulator to expand its brand to sell audio equipment. The application requires the use of both its ‘Tesla’ trademark and its logo, your famous ‘T’, for a new category, which would be sound equipment.

According to the note, this would allow Tesla produce any product of this category with its own brand, such as microphones, headphones, complete sound equipment, equalizers, speakers or even megaphones.

Is Tesla going to enter the audio business?

tesla model s audio system

Not necessarily. The audio business really has little to do with Tesla. However, it makes much more sense that the company led by Elon Musk has in mind to launch new vehicles with proprietary sound systems, either rebranded third-party products or produced entirely from scratch by the Austin company. If the idea is to equip these systems in their own cars, the scenario would be the same as it is now. However, this new move would allow Tesla sell your sound equipment to other manufacturers, keeping your brand visible.

However, there is no need to be alarmed either. These types of requests are quite common.. In this case, the news has jumped because everyone has focused on Tesla, but as a general rule, companies ask for a multitude of permits to sell their brands under different categories. When a certain amount of time passes and the mark has not been used on that land, the regulator proceeds to withdraw the permit. We have a close example with Sony’s latest portable console, the PS Vita, where the Japanese still hold the trademark for the ‘video game’ category, but permission to use the term in the multimedia business (video game stores) has been withdrawn. applications, video streaming…).

Still, we should not rule anything out either. Tesla recruited some of the best engineers on the planet to produce the media systems of their vehicles, and audio is one of the strengths of their electric cars. It would not be unreasonable for them to take advantage of the pull of the brand to market consumer products such as headphones, speakers, or even its own service streaming of music. It would sound strange, but it would open a new market for those of Elon Musk. A new line of products that many people would be willing to buy and whose manufacture currently does not have the limitations that we are seeing in the automotive sector because of the semiconductor crisis.

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