Is the antivirus not enough? Tricks to protect yourself from malware

The computer viruses They are probably the best known type of dangerous software, so named because they spread by making copies of themselves. To avoid its infection, we must always start from the basis of the importance of having an antivirus installed on our computer. With it, it is possible to solve a large part of malware problems. Later, other factors come into play that we must take into account and that are equally necessary.

Download programs from safe sites

When it comes to getting the most out of the computer, it is important to have programs suitable for our needs. To do this, the most common is to download them directly from the Internet. However, you have to be careful, so that the download is always carried out by official sites or download websites that are safe. If we do not download the software correctly and we do it from a fraudulent website, it is possible that the installation file has been modified to include any type of malicious software that ends up affecting our system. Therefore, whenever we need to download any program we must require the developer’s page or reliable websites such as MajorGeeks or Softpedia, for example.

Beware of possible fraudulent links with malware

One of the main sources of entry of viruses and malware to our computer occurs through fraudulent links or links. That is why it is important to be vigilant and use common sense in this case since we may come across it in different ways. One of the best known is phishing via email. If we receive an unknown email proposing to download or install attachments, it is very suspicious, so we should not do it without making sure that it is something 100% secure. These links can also be received by direct message on our social networks (Facebook, Twitter …), even by our own contacts who have been infected unintentionally, and the malicious software tries to spread automatically without the user knowing. When there is a link by means, always, maximum caution.

Make a backup of our data

In addition, another preventive measure that not many users usually carry it out, is to carry out a backup or backup of our most important files and folders. With this, we can minimize the risk that we have been infected by any malicious software that can cause system problems or corrupt files. We can make a backup using popular cloud storage systems such as OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox, or with various programs such as “Cobian Backup”, “Macrium Reflect” or “duplicati”.

Macrium Reflect

Secure the network with a VPN and strong passwords to avoid malware

Having a secure network is essential, especially when it comes to protecting our private information. That is why it is always recommended using a VPN (a kind of virtual private network) that has strong encryption. This can be especially useful when we connect to public and open networks, since our security is often exposed. At home we must make sure that we have a strong and secure password in our WiFi network, so that we have a well-protected connection against any intruder who wants to access.

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