is the camera its real strong point?

OnePlus surprised by presenting the OnePlus 10 Pro at CES 2022, since we learn a little more about this phone every day.

It is definitely one of the major attractions of this CES. While Samsung took advantage of the early days of the Las Vegas show to make many announcements, including a phone, the Galaxy S21 FE, it is OnePlus that has been gaining all the interest of the general public for a few days. The brand started by surprising everyone earlier this week, posting a simple photo of the OnePlus 10 Pro, as well as a release date: January 11.

If the latter only concerns Chinese territory, it is nevertheless very surprising. Indeed OnePlus had in the past made a habit of presenting its products in March or April with marketing during the spring. This three-month lead on the brand’s calendar has therefore caught more than one person off guard.

An already very high-end phone

Despite the quicker-than-usual announcement, OnePlus’ all-new phone is billed as what the Chinese brand does best. With a very latest generation processor from Qualcomm with the Snapdragon 8 gen 1, the phone is already presented as a power monster.

But the crazy features don’t stop. In addition to being entitled to a brand new version of OxygenOS, based on Android 12, the phone has a more than interesting photo block.

A unique photo block

We know it very well, in recent years, the photo has really become the focal point of phones, and many buyers compare products primarily through this prism. Mandatory tool for all brands that want to find a place in this market, OnePlus had to offer something very interesting with its 10 Pros, especially given the positioning announced for the latter.

If no price has yet been given by the brand, the phone should nevertheless cost around 800 euros according to initial estimates, so the components, including the photo unit, must be up to the task.

photo taken with the main sensor of the OnePlus 10 Pro © OnePlus

The brand has therefore seen the big picture and proudly announces that it is offering ” the most versatile photographic experience ever on a OnePlus. ” Central point of the photo block, OnePlus has partnered with the historic Hasselblad camera brand. With the second generation Hasselblad Pro mode, the phone can use the three rear sensors to take pictures of never-before-seen quality. The OnePlus 10 Pro also features an all-new 150 ° ultra-wide-angle sensor, allowing you to “See the world from a whole new perspective” in the words of the firm.

A photo taken with the 150 ° ultra wide angle of the OnePlus 10 Pro © OnePlus

A configurable video before and during shooting

When it comes to video, the OnePlus 10 Pro has raised the bar yet again. It is thus possible to choose its ISO level, but also the shutter speed of the front lens, but above all, while shooting a video.

Despite these numerous information given by OnePlus concerning its latest smartphone, the brand remained rather vague as to the marketing in Europe, assuring that the latter would have him “Later in the year”.

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