Is the “fashion” for curved monitors over?

Not long ago, the curved monitors they were the order of the day, and almost all the main manufacturers of screens had some curved models in their catalogue, and all of them told us about the benefits and fancy things we could do with them. However, it seems that this “fashion” has deflated in recent times, and although for the moment they have not disappeared from the manufacturers’ catalogues, it seems that they are now focusing on other technologies.

And it is that if we take a look just a few months ago, there are not many manufacturers that have presented novelties in the market of curved monitors… in fact, if we stick to real novelties and not just “one more model of the bunch” Only CORSAIR has announced its new Xeneon Flex monitor, which also has the particularity that the screen is flexible and we can modify the curvature whenever we want.

What advantages do these monitors provide?

As always when a new technology is introduced on the market and manufacturers begin to implement it in their product catalogues, they all began to tell you about the large number of advantages that this type of monitors have; However, as a curved monitor user for more than 3 years, we can tell you what those real advantages are based on experience.

When we talk about curved monitors “without further ado”, that is, it is a normal monitor with a curved screen, we do not see a great advantage when using it for gaming or work. However, if, as was the case in our case, we are already talking about a curved monitor and also an ultra-panoramic one, things change because it is very noticeable that the ends of the monitor are at the same distance from the eyes as the center of the screen, while less in terms of immersion.

And it is precisely in terms of immersion that this type of monitor stands out; Some manufacturers say that its curvature means that the sides are at the same distance from the eyes as the center, which gives a greater sensation of immersion, and based on our experience, we can confirm that this is true. Now, those who say that its curvature is the curvature of the eyes and that this gives more immersion… pure smoke and marketing strategy.

Beyond that, it does not make much sense to implement curvature to a monitor, since in fact, depending on the radius of the curve, it can even be counterproductive for other tasks such as working… for example, in Excel you can see deformed cells, so imagine the impact that could have for a person who wants to use photoshop professionally with such a monitor.

Are curved monitors going away?

Precisely because the only advantage that this type of monitor provides is greater immersion, the market for curved monitors remained almost exclusively for the gaming segment. Of course, adding curvature to a monitor makes the production process more expensive and, therefore, they have to sell the monitors at a higher price… and given what they contribute, users soon lost interest.

new curved corsair gaming monitor

We really do not believe that curved monitors are going to disappear in the short term, since after all they still have a certain level of sales and, in addition, manufacturers made an investment in developing this technology in their products and they still want to make a profit; Also, as long as users keep buying them, manufacturers will keep making and selling them, right?

Now, if we go to the extreme, such as the new CORSAIR Xeneon Flex, which costs a whopping €2,400, we don’t think there are many users willing to spend that amount of money. The same thing happens with Samsung and its Odyssey Ark, a monitor that we were able to analyze and test for ourselves and that, despite being delighted with its performance and quality, we don’t think many people will spend the €3,000 it costs.

In summary: we do not believe that they will stop manufacturing in the short or medium term, but interest in curved monitors has been decreasing over time and there will come a time when, yes, manufacturers will stop investing in them and they will end up disappearing from the market. .

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